6 songs you need to hear this week

From Robert Glasper Experiment to Hannah Georgas, our producers pick the songs you need to hear.
Hannah Georgas' new album For Evelyn comes out June 24. (Vanessa Heins)

Each week, staff from CBC Music, Radio 2, Radio 3, Sonica and CBC regions across the country collect songs they just can't get out of their heads, and make a case for why you should listen, too. Press play below and discover new songs for your listening list.

Let us know via @CBCMusic what catches your ear, or if you have a new song you just can't stop playing.

Robert Glasper Experiment, 'Day to Day'

Nobody is better at fusing jazz with pop music genres than pianist Robert Glasper. His Experiment, which started with 2012's Black Radio and continued through 2013's Black Radio II, has featured a variety of R&B singers (Erykah Badu, Musiq Soulchild, Norah Jones), but on ArtScience, out last week, the four guys in the band take on all the vocals themselves, and it totally works. "Day to Day" is a funky disco track, with vocals by saxophonist Casey Benjamin, who seems to the manner born. The genius of Glasper's fusion is that he brings the best of jazz to other styles of music; in this case, clever harmonic progressions and relaxed electric piano soloing that lift disco to a new level.

— Robert Rowat (@rkhr)

Hannah Georgas, 'Lost Cause'

There is something about taking a song and breaking it down to its simplest form. For one, the core of the track is much more present, but it also creates the opportunity to hear how talented the artist is without all the bedazzled extras: layered guitars, crashing drums and whirly synths. Last week, Hannah Georgas released a stripped-down version of her song "Lost Cause" off her most recent release, For Evelyn. Here, we get the honour to listen to how incredible her voice is with just some piano accompaniment and a soft, airy guitar that you might not even have noticed if it wasn't for the video. "Lost Cause" is just one example of the amazing songwriting on Georgas's new album, and if you haven't had a chance to check it out, here is your reminder.

— Matt Fisher (@MattRFisher)

Warpaint, 'New Song'

There's something so slinky and warm about Warpaint's sound of rhythmically driven rock songs that has made the Los Angeles quartet's music so incredibly alluring over the past decade. It manages to feel meditative while simultaneously begging your feet to move and jump around. On "New Song," from the group's upcoming album, Heads Up, drums, bass, guitar and tambourines all dance in unison around a swirling centerpiece. It's an invigorating shot to the senses as members sing, "I have never felt this strong/ dancing to you all night long," and it's reflected in the fun music video where the group dances around the streets of New York City. This is the perfect soundtrack to your next late-night adventure.

— Melody Lau (@melodylamb)

Nathan John and the Midway State, 'Crystalized'

Yes, you read that correctly: there is indeed new Midway State. The hugely popular mid-2000s band (remember this?) has finally returned after a five-year hiatus, bringing with it an up-to-date sound that's sure to please not only old fans but also those seeking some good old synth-pop. Although not much info was released with the track, it's a sure sign that more music is coming. — MF

HarpACash & the Morals, 'Modern Comfortable'

This Barrie, Ont., three-piece releases its debut album, Lamps, on Sept. 23, and this new single is filled with a summer nostalgia that will ease you into the beginning of everyone's favourite shoulder season. "Modern Comfortable" evolves from plucky harmonizing to heavier vocals and melodies, with lead vocalist HarpACash's voice — often reminiscent of one Florence Welch — leads the way through a Wild Things-esque video that will have you building forts with abandon. "Modern Comfortable" is catchy and thoughtful, and we're looking forward to what the full-length has to bring.

— Holly Gordon (@hollygowritely)

Dan Edmonds, 'Love can be a Tunnel'

Remember when Hamilton's Harlan Pepper broke up, and how depressing that was? Well, singer Dan Edmonds is here to quell your sorrow with his new solo record, Ladies on the Corner. There's a distinct throwback vibe (especially on the heavy reverb saturating the vocals), but there's tons to like here for Harlan Pepper fans.

— Adam Carter (@AdamCarterCBC)


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