Prepare yourself for the wonderful weirdness of Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran's 'I Don't Care' video

Its wacky mix of animation and sloppy green-screen editing will not be to everyone's taste.

Its wacky mix of animation and sloppy green-screen editing will not be to everyone's taste

One week after releasing their new song, "I Don't Care," Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber have shared the song's video, a wonderfully weird assemblage of animation and intentionally sloppy live-action green-screen editing that situates the viewer somewhere between Naked Lunch and Barney & Friends.

Building on the song's theme of feeling like an outsider, the video begins with Sheeran dressed in a suit and looking uncomfortably out-of-place in a posh restaurant. By the time he reaches the pre-chorus's "Don't think I fit in at this party," he has swapped out his suit in favour of a giant panda costume, and it's clear this video is veering into magic realism.

In fact, Sheeran's costume changes are head-spinning in their variety: he's depicted riding a jet ski dressed as a banana; singing onstage wearing an oversized terry-cloth bathrobe and tube socks; and jogging in a green-and-purple parachute-fabric track suit that is the epitome of thrift-store chic. It's a lot!

Bieber appears during the song's first chorus, riding a magic carpet, Aladdin-style, as if to say, "Your wish has been granted: I'm doing another song with Ed Sheeran." He spends much of the video lounging poolside (looking not too much like an outsider, to be honest). For a dose of awkward, look no further than his fringed, monochrome cowboy duds. In our favourite moment, he sports an ice cream cone outfit while running from a T-Rex.

Donning costumes is one way to hide from a world in which you don't belong. Is that the message here? Watch the video, below, and decide for yourself.