Our 5 favourite moments from DJ Khaled and Drake's new 'Popstar' video starring Justin Bieber

From mocking each other's catchphrases to outrageous celebrity behaviour, there's a lot to enjoy.

From mocking each other's catchphrases to outrageous celebrity behaviour, there's a lot to enjoy

DJ Khaled and Drake have released a video for their recent single, "Popstar," and it's got everyone talking.

Starring Justin Bieber in a lead (but non-singing) role, the eight-minute clip was produced under physical-distancing restrictions (more or less) and bears witness to the comedic skills of all three musicians.

Here are our five favourite moments from the video, in chronological order:

1. When Khaled shows Drake framed photos of them together in his home (0:35)

The worldwide pandemic isn't stopping DJ Khaled from getting work done, and in the intro to the "Popstar" music video, Khaled is desperately pleading with Drake to shoot a video with him. "Yo, Drake, I've been texting you, I've been calling you. You're not replying. I've actually been FaceTiming you. So I'm sending you this video so you can feel my passion and my pain. We have to shoot the 'Popstar' video." What ensues is a barrage of video messages Khaled sends to Drake, imploring him to help even though he is stuck in Canada and can't travel. (Technically, that's a lie.) At one point, Khaled even tries to show his commitment to their friendship by showing off framed photos of the two of them together around his home: "You see, I've got you framed up all over this place! Come on!"

'You see, I’ve got you framed up all over this place! Come on!' — DJ Khaled to Drake. (YouTube screenshot)

2. When Drake makes fun of DJ Khaled's 'another one' catchphrase (1:43)

Even though Drake isn't the star of this video, he still finds a way to sneak in some of his comedic acting chops. After being bombarded with messages from DJ Khaled, Drake vents his frustrations to his friend in the studio by mocking a couple of Khaled's signature catchphrases. "It's like you give someone everything you have, and they're just like, 'Another one, another one, honey, honey, honey, honey, honey'— every five seconds!"

3. When the bodyguard catches Bieber's phone (3:08)

The favour that Drake calls in to make the video happen is none other than Bieber, whom we first see waking up in a mansion that has evidently been the scene of a massive party. As this dissolute popstar emerges from his bedroom — wearing remarkable pyjamas, clutching a bottle of champagne by its throat and stepping over the sleeping bodies of passed-out partygoers — he's followed closely by a bodyguard who anticipates Bieber's every move. Descending the stairs, Bieber tosses his phone over his shoulder ("Hey, shorty with the long text: I don't talk"), and it's immediately and hilariously intercepted by the bodyguard.

'Hey, shorty with the long text: I don’t talk' — Justin Bieber, lip-syncing Drake. (YouTube screenshot)

4. When Bieber lip-syncs the line, 'Shit don't even usually get this big without a Bieber face' (5:03)

Drake has always had Bieber in mind when he was putting this song together, shouting him out on the line, "Shit don't even usually get this big without a Bieber face." So it's extra funny to see Bieber actually lip-sync those words in the video as he stares straight into the camera while surrounded by backup dancers. Bonus: earlier in the song, Bieber also lip-syncs a line that names his ex, Selena Gomez, and his friend, Ariana Grande: "Look, Ariana, Selena, my Visa/ It can take as many charges as it needs to, my girl."

5. When we discover Bieber's ringtone is the verse from 'Baby' (6:25)

In a classic plot twist, Bieber wakes up again, this time next to his wife, and he realizes that the whole crazy scene we've just witnessed was only a dream — or was it? As he and Hailey Baldwin walk their dog later that morning, Bieber receives a call from (who else?) Drake, and the ringtone is the verse from "Baby," the song whose video a young Drake starred in back in 2010 and that launched Bieber's career. Now, we're made to understand the favour has been returned.