Masked country crooner Orville Peck is excited to see the genre embrace 'new perspectives'

The up-and-comer discusses what it means to break down country barriers in 2019.

The up-and-comer discusses what it means to break down country barriers in 2019


Country music and cowboy culture are having a big moment in 2019 thanks to releases from artists like Solange, Mac DeMarco and Lil Nas X. Another artist who has been part of that conversation is Orville Peck, a mysterious masked singer who has not only won over music fans with his debut album, Pony, but has also pushed the traditionally straight, white male perceptions of the genre by being openly queer. 

"I think the stigma that surrounds country is because Nashville big-wigs have controlled the narrative of it just being kind of white guys singing about trucks," Peck explained, when he recently stopped by CBC Music.

"But I think the fact that this is breaking out now, and we have people like Lil Nas X or even Kacey Musgraves ... it's cool, it's opening up brand new ways for new voices in country and new perspectives, and I think it's really exciting." 

Orville Peck discusses what it means to break down country music barriers in 2019. 1:00

Peck also broke down the country artists who shaped him over the years, from Patsy Cline to Townes Van Zandt. Watch below. 

Orville Peck lists his favourite country artists including k.d. lang, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Shania Twain. 1:48


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