Kaytranada and H.E.R.'s groove-inducing track, and 4 more songs you need to hear this week

Fresh Canadian tracks to add to your playlist right now.

Fresh Canadian tracks to add to your playlist right now

Montreal producer Kaytranada paired up with R&B wunderkind H.E.R for new track "Intimidated." (Liam MacRae)

Each week, CBC Music producers come together to highlight Canada's best new tracks.

This week, we got hooked on new songs from:

  • Kaytranada.
  • Magnolia.
  • Peach Luffe.
  • Rezz featuring Metric.
  • Talk.

Scroll down to find out why you need to hear them.

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'Intimidated,' Kaytranada feat. H.E.R.

It's been almost two years since the Montreal producer's last Grammy-winning project, Bubba, and although he's just getting to tour that album full of simmering, club tracks now, he's gifted his fans with a new EP featuring H.E.R., Thundercat and Haitian artist Mach-Hommy. The title track, "Intimated," featuring Grammy-winning R&B singer-songwriter H.E.R., is a collab that highlights the sound Kaytranada has spent years honing. He has this uncanny ability to take soulful R&B vocals and turn them up to 10 with funky bass lines, electrifying kick drum patterns and a little je ne sais quoi, making it definitively his own. As H.E.R. sings of a relationship being intercepted by unnecessary mind games  "Don't overthink when you could be lovin' me"  Kaytra's production gets you dancing the intimidation away. — Kelsey Adams

'Donna,' Magnolia

While the moniker for Magnolia may be new, the Dawson City-based singer-songwriter has been singing in "three-generational harmony" with her mother and grandmother her whole life, according to her press release —and that skill and warmth is immediately apparent on her new single, "Donna." If the retro sway of the electric guitar and drums don't pull you into Donna's arms, Magnolia's rich, encompassing voice will, as she "ooohs" her way across the tension between seizing the day and letting things go. "'Donna' is really a song about a person's relationship with life and death," Magnolia explained. "The proverbial end of day in the song is something we all have to contend with, as is the constant push-pull of satisfaction and discontent that precedes it. Life is short! Maybe Donna should learn to hang out on the line a bit!" "Donna" is the first offering from Magnolia's upcoming EP, Confluencer, which will be out in 2022. — Holly Gordon

'Sunflower,' Peach Luffe

The best days are yet to come.
Remember that you'll find a way,
To turn to face the sun.

If you aren't yet familiar with Peach Luffe, the alt-pop quartet of singer-songwriter Jong Lee, then these darkening days of late fall offer the perfect opportunity. His cheerful songs are like mini pep talks, as those lovely lines from "Sunflower" attest. But sometimes the whimsical instrumentation and buoyant strains of Japanese city pop belie an undercurrent of doubt: "I don't mind if you lie/ just tell me that we're all right," goes the chorus — a poignant reminder that happiness is a state of mind. (Note: Lee also recorded a touching acoustic version of the song worth checking out.) — Robert Rowat

'Paper Walls,' Rezz feat. Metric

Last week, EDM giant Rezz released her latest album, Spiral, packed with collaborations with PVRIS, Dove Cameron, Deathpact and Shadow Cliq. But perhaps one of the most anticipated tracks was a team-up with Toronto' s Metric. For a band that's always played around with balancing synth-pop and rock, Metric has rarely dipped its toes this far into the dance genre, remixes aside. Instead of getting singer Emily Haines to belt out an anthemic chorus, Rezz is happy leaning into Haines's softer, more subtle delivery. Squelching synths pulsate and swell around Haines as she sings longingly of "some other world, some other life/ some other place, some paradise." "Paper Walls" isn't an outright banger, but sometimes it's important to leave space in EDM for vulnerability, too, and the end result here shines new light on the flexible ranges of both Rezz and Metric. — Melody Lau

'How Long,' Talk

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Talk continues his classic rock revival with the release of his debut EP, Talk to Me. An old soul, his style is sonically reminiscent of '80s rock from the likes of the Black Crowes, Queen and Pearl Jam. The closing track, "How Long," speaks of unrequited love: the feeling of wanting to tell someone you love them, but not being able to. Exasperation meets thrashing guitar riffs with a chorus fit for chanting in an arena. Play it at full volume. — Vanessa Francis