Watch Deborah Cox's Canadian Music Hall of Fame induction speech

The R&B legend was inducted at the 2022 Juno Awards.

The R&B legend was inducted at the 2022 Juno Awards

Deborah Cox inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame | Juno Awards 2022

1 month ago
Duration 6:29
Deborah Cox becomes the first Black woman inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the Juno Awards 2022

A Grammy nominee, multiple Juno Award winner, Broadway star and actor, Deborah Cox has been inspiring singers of all genres since she released her self-titled debut album in 1994. And following that incredible career (that is still going strong), the legendary singer was just inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame at the 2022 Juno Awards.

Read a transcript of her full, tear-jerking speech below, or watch it above.

Deborah Cox's induction speech

Thank you so much for this incredible honour. I'm deeply moved. So many have embarked on a musical career but only few have ever landed here. And growing up as a young Black girl in Toronto, Canada, this vision seemed intangible. It wasn't easy to leave my home, but it was necessary. Otherwise, I'm not sure that I'd be standing here this evening. Those rejections became my redirection, and only added fuel to my fire.

I'd like to acknowledge those who supported me along the way. Firstly, my mother, who is here tonight. Thank you mom for your tireless efforts. From driving me to my performances [Cox pauses to gather herself] growing up. Even through blizzards [laughs].... To my family, there's too many of you to mention you all. To Clive Davis, who saw in me what many others didn't. He allowed me to step away from the business to start my family. To my children, Isaiah, Sumayah and Kaila, thank you for sharing your mommy with the world. And for never making me feel less of a mother. You have given me so much grace, and my request to juggle it all. But I can only hope that this moment inspires you to reach for whatever heights it takes you for you to fulfil your dreams. Thank you to all of my fans across Canada and worldwide for sticking with me all of this years. To Allan Reid and everyone at CARAS, to our Roots family, to Chris and Adrienne Bosh, thank you so much for sharing this special moment with me. 

But lastly, to Lascelles Stephens. My songwriting partner, my BFF, and my soulmate. I wouldn't be here if it would not have been for you and your vision. And your relentless dedication to encouraging me to write songs and find my own voice. Our journey started in that tiny one-bedroom apartment in Scarborough. I genuinely believe that our souls found each other. And when the nos and the disappointments were unbearable, our relationship and our commitment to each other helped us overcome the business's challenges. You and I sustained us, and there's nothing better than sharing this moment with you, the person that I started this journey with. There is no Deborah Cox without you, Lascelles. I love you. 


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