Junos 365 session: Dan Mangan covers Michael Bublé's 'Home'

It's a song that goes back to the singer-songwriter's table-serving days.

It's a song that goes back to the singer-songwriter's table-serving days

Dan Mangan covers 'Home' for our Junos 365 Sessions. 4:20

As part of our coverage of the 2019 Juno Awards, we're inviting some of today's hottest Canadian acts to cover a past winner in the single of the year category.

For his Junos 365 session, Dan Mangan chose Michael Bublé's hit "Home," which won the Juno for single of the year in 2006. The song harkens back to Mangan's table-serving days at the Keg in Vancouver, before his career took off.

"This song was always playing in the dining room as I was serving tables. And as I was doing that I was also starting to tour, starting to record, trying to figure out how to make a life in music. And so every time I hear this song, it takes me back to that period of my life where I met my wife, and we were young and working in restaurants and stuff like that."

That said, Mangan wasn't looking to recreate it exactly.

"I wouldn't call Michael Bublé a gritty singer," Mangan says. "He is a beautiful singer. His voice is just unbelievable. And that's never been my gift. I think I've always been a pretty good communicator but I'm not much of a musician in terms of guitar ... and my voice, you wouldn't want me in your choir. But I've learned how to use my voice to communicate. And so I think what I wanted to do is take this incredibly beautiful, lush song and maintain the soul of it, find that internal intrinsic feeling, and maybe make it less beautiful. And here I am, I've just sung eight or nine nights in a row on tour, my voice is kind of shot, you can hear it in my voice, and in a way it's perfect because that's what the song is about: it's about feeling worn out and wanting to go home. So strangely, I probably couldn't have planned it any better."

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Wherever you are on March 17, you can watch the Juno Awards live from Budweiser Gardens in London, Ont., at cbcmusic.ca/junos.


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