Juno 365 Sessions: Mappe Of covers 'Seasons in the Sun'

In this edition of the Juno 365 Sessions, Mappe Of puts a sad spin on a classic Canadian tune.

CBC Music presents a series of videos celebrating past Juno winners

Mappe Of covers Terry Jacks' hit "Seasons In The Sun" as part of CBC Music's Junos 365 Sessions. This track won a Juno Award for Single of the Year in 1974 4:52

CBC Music is excited to partner with CARAS to present the 2018 Juno Awards.

For over 40 years, the Juno Awards have celebrated the best in Canadian music, including the prestigious award for single of the year. To celebrate the 2018 Juno Awards, CBC Music has invited some of today's hottest Canadian acts to cover a past single of the year.

This week's cover features singer-songwriter Tom Meikle, a.k.a. Mappe Of, who puts his own spin on Terry Jacks' "Seasons in the Sun," winner of best contemporary/pop single in 1974 and best-selling single in 1975.

"It was one of those songs that I had known just by association," says Meikle. "Digging into it, I just realized this is such a great pop song. But looking further into the lyrics, I realized first of all that it was originally a French song called 'The Dying Man,' which was kind of interesting to me, because the way it's presented is very bubbly, and you get this summery sensation from it. But the lyrics are actually kind of dark. So I felt like I could maybe take it further in that direction."

The 47th Juno Awards air Sunday, March 25, 2018 on CBC Television. 

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