Is Drake's new Beatles tattoo an ode or insult to the British rockers?

The Toronto rapper shattered 2 of the band's Billboard records last year.

The Toronto rapper shattered 2 of the band's Billboard records last year

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Last year, Drake solidified himself as one of the world's biggest musicians by breaking a number of streaming and sales records, including a couple of long-held ones by the Beatles.

First, Drake broke the Beatles' 54-year-old record for most simultaneous Hot 100 top 10s (Drake had seven; the Beatles had five). Then he took the top spot for most top 10 singles in one year (Drake earned 12; the Beatles held the record for 11). 

Now, to mark those achievements, Drake has gotten a Beatles tattoo on his arm.

The new ink, which has been spotted in numerous photos, is inspired by the Beatles' 1969 album, Abbey Road, which shows the four members walking in a line. Except in Drake's tattoed version, he has inserted himself into the line as a fifth figure in the image. It also appears that Drake, who is positioned in front of the Beatles, is looking back and waving at the band. 

Reactions to this tattoo have been divisive. While some think it's "funny," others are calling the artist "narcissistic" and "arrogant,"  and the tattoo an "F-you to the Beatles." 

In addition to this latest ode to the Beatles, Drake shouted out the band on "Going Bad," his 2018 collaboration with rapper Meek Mill: "I got more slaps than the Beatles." 


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