How are you feeling? What to listen to, read and watch if you're inspired

With everything going on right now, CBC Music created a series of curated care packages full of music, videos and stories to help, based on how you’re feeling.

A curated list of music streams, videos and articles to help you in the time of isolation

(Ben Shannon)

With everything going on right now, from the constant news updates around COVID-19 to social distancing, it's easy to feel inundated. We're all cycling through a lot of emotions, many at the same time, and it can be overwhelming. 

That's why CBC Music created a series of curated care packages full of music, videos and stories to help, based on how you're feeling. We also asked CBC Music hosts and producers to pick songs to fit each mood. 

If, amidst all this, you're feeling inspired — whether to create, to learn, to exercise, or immerse yourself in something new — that's great. Here are some suggestions for you. 

To listen

Song: "Better Days," the Darcys 

"'I know it's hard, and you feel like running, but I've seen better days and I know they're coming,' sings the Darcys' Jason Couse on 'Better Days.' Their anthem from last summer delivers with an uplifting beat that makes you feel like not only are things gonna get better, they're gonna be great. Just trust 'em. — JJ LaBorde

  • CBC Music's Flights of Fancy offers up a playlist of enchanting classical music inspired by fairy tales, myths and legends, from Debussy, Dvorak, Saint-Saens, Ravel, Tchaikovsky and more. 
  • Our Workout Mix is perfect for home workouts, with a steady mix of heart-racing beats designed for the dance floor or gym. Listen to tracks from Deadmau5, Chromeo, Icona Pop, Major Lazer, Grimes and more.
  • Just because we're in isolation doesn't mean we can't honour the Round Dance, a social and ceremonial time to get together and dance for life, love, and healing. Hear songs from across Turtle Island and follow the direction of the sun around the drummers and singers. 
  • Women Who Have Changed Music is a collection of groundbreaking, trailblazing and trend-bucking artists not content with playing music like anyone else. Hear Nina Simone, Tanya Tagaq, Björk, Jessie Reyez and more.

To read

Singer Anne Murray in 1980. (Capitol Records handout)

Anne Murray: 40 years of hustle and the making of a Canadian icon

Anne Murray was a one-woman hit machine for 40-plus years, shouldering the expectations of fans, media and the music industry alike. She won Grammys, a record number of Junos and amassed more than 70 singles to her credit. Between 1968 and 1988 alone, she churned out at least a record a year (and sometimes two or three). Read our career-spanning interview with the one and only Murray.

75 things you need to know about Buffy Sainte-Marie

If you're feeling the need to pick up a new skill, just think: Buffy Sainte-Marie taught herself how to play piano at only three years of age (and started writing songs at four). 

The Weight: Robbie Robertson on life with the Band

Speaking of legendary careers, Robbie Robertson had a front-row seat to the golden age of rock. He takes us back through some pivotal memories.

40 Years into his career, Howard Shore is still making some of Hollywood's best scores

If you've been binge-watching any movies, there's a good chance you've come across Howard Shore's work. The Canadian composer has created iconic scores for the likes of Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese and his longtime collaborator, David Cronenberg. As it turns out, he writes new music every single day. Find out how.

To watch

  • If you're inspired to learn a new instrument, or want to finally take your playing to the next level, we have almost 100 how-to videos to help you do just that.  From advanced guitar, piano and banjo skills to home recording advice, you should check out our full library of how-to videos.
  • Below, Buffy Sainte-Marie teaches you how to write the next great protest song.

We hope that helps. We also have care packages for if you're feeling sad, anxious, peaceful, hopeful, bored, empathetic or angry.