How are you feeling? What to listen to, read and watch if you're bored

With everything going on right now, CBC Music wanted to create a series of curated care packages full of music, videos and stories to help, based on how you’re feeling.

A curated list of music streams, videos and articles to help you in the time of isolation

(Ben Shannon)

With everything going on right now, from the constant news updates around COVID-19 to social distancing, it's easy to feel inundated. We're all cycling through a lot of emotions, many at the same time, and it can be overwhelming. 

That's why CBC Music wanted to create a series of curated care packages full of music, videos and stories to help, based on how you're feeling. We also asked CBC Music hosts and producers to pick songs to fit each mood. 

If what you're feeling is, quite simply, bored, then what you really need is some quality content to fill your time. Let us help!

To listen

Song: "Suburbs," Arcade Fire 

"When I'm bored I play Arcade Fire's The Suburbs album on repeat because I tend to discover something new about it with every listen. Sonically it's a dense and rich collection of well written songs. Coincidentally, the theme of the album is 'life in the 'burbs' and the boredom that comes along with it. And funny enough, the record (especially the title track) cures that boredom. — Odario Williams

To read

Sometimes the best remedy for boredom is to sit down, play some relaxing music, and dig into a long read. Here are some suggestions.

The kokum of rock, Buffy Sainte-Marie has left her very distinct mark on the music industry. (Mer Young)

60 years of Indigenous music game changers

Celebrate 60 years of Indigenous artists who have broken boundaries, claimed space and given their communities a voice.

You Oughta Know: an oral history of Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill

"[The label was] afraid of how intense it was, to be honest. And I said, 'Well, I'm 19 and I'm intense.'' Alanis Morissette told us her side of this definitive oral history of Jagged Little Pill.

Drake's Toronto: an interactive guide to the mogul's hometown

Through his music, Drake helped put Toronto on the map, so it seemed appropriate to map out Drake's Toronto, including his very first show, that time he was held up in Little Italy, and every single lyrical reference he's made to his hometown. 

Neil Young's Canada

Speaking of Canadian icons, we also looked at the key places, moments and lyrics that show the influence Canada has had on Neil Young. From his childhood home in a town in North Ontario to his first recording in Winnipeg to his final moments before setting out for Los Angeles and skyrocketing to fame, this is Neil Young's Canada.

The surprising and tragic story behind the behind on Loverboy's Get Lucky cover

If you're of the generation that can remember the iconic album cover for Loverboy's album Get Lucky (it involved a closeup on some very tight red leather pants), then you will be surprised to learn that there is actually a very interesting — and tragic — story behind it. 

The first-ever oral history of Christmas in the Stars: Star Wars Christmas Album

If you've decided to put your Christmas decorations back up during social isolation, then this is definitely for you: the first-ever oral history of Christmas in the Stars: Star Wars Christmas Album.

To watch

Have an hour or more to spare? Why not sit down and immerse yourself in one of these music documentaries.

  • The secret musical history of London, Ont. From Céline Dion hit-writer Stephan Moccio to Michelle Wright, nine musicians who launched their careers in the city. Watch London Calling below. 
  • Inducted: The Road to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame features intimate, behind-the-scenes stories with Jann Arden, Andy Kim, Cowboy Junkies, Chilliwack and Bobby Curtola. Watch it on Gem.
  • Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind is an exploration of the career, music and influence of the legendary Canadian musical icon. Watch it on Gem.
  • Drake's Plan: CBC Music explores the rise of one of Canadian music's biggest success stories of the past decade in this eight-part series on Drake. Watch it on Gem.

If now is the time to learn a new skill, then we also have a large library of how-to videos, everything from yodelling to playing the slide guitar. We've embedded a few below, but you can check out a playlist of almost 100 how-to videos here. If you do decide to pick up a new talent, be sure to take a video and let us know on Twitter @CBCMusic!

If it's your first time, here's everything you'll need, from basic music theory to creating your own instruments

For guitar

For piano

For banjo

All of the instruments (at the same time)

None of the instruments (only your mouth)

We hope that helps. We also have care packages for if you're feeling sad, anxious, peaceful, hopeful, inspired, empathetic or angry.