How are you feeling? What to listen to, read and watch if you're angry

With everything going on right now, CBC Music created a series of curated care packages full of music, videos and stories to help, based on how you’re feeling.

A curated selection of music, videos and stories to help, based on how you're feeling

(Ben Shannon)

With everything going on right now, from the constant news updates around COVID-19 to social distancing, it's easy to feel inundated. We're all cycling through a lot of emotions, many at the same time, and it can be overwhelming. 

That's why CBC Music created a series of curated care packages full of music, videos and stories to help, based on how you're feeling. We also asked CBC Music hosts and producers to pick songs to fit each mood. 

If you're feeling angry about everything, you're not alone. We hope these selections help.

To Listen: 

Song: "The Future," Leonard Cohen

"The encouraging thing about Cohen's most bitter, hopeless jam is that he, a Jew born as Nazi Germany was just getting started, wasn't afraid to look at just how bad it might get, and when he did, it didn't leave him broken and sad and hopeless, it left him bloody angry." — Tom Allen

  • Embrace your rage with our classical baroque playlist, from Johann Sebastian Bach to George Friedrich Handel.
  • You can also listen to some of this country's finest musicians push the pentatonic scale to its limits with our Canadian metal playlist.

To Read

There's a lot you probably don't know about Canadian rock legend Neil Young. (Gary Burden)

Neil Young: 70 things you need to know about the Canadian rock icon

When it comes to attitude and anger in song, Neil Young is one of the best. He's one of the greatest rock icons of all time — and a musician who has played by his own rules his entire life.

The year in protest music: Radical hope, resistance and rising up

Even though a lot of protest music may seem to stem from anger, at the centre of every song is also a glimmer of hope. 

From the team at Reclaimed: a brief evolution of Indigenous protest music

For Indigenous people across the globe, the mere fact that they exist today is an act of resistance; every generation since the time of contact has gone through various attempts at assimilation or genocide. The Indigenous side of history had been left out of textbooks — but it was through music that their stories really started to come out to the world.

Singer iskwē describes motivation behind her new song Little Star

"I felt endangered. I felt angry. I felt hurt. I felt afraid.… The way our [Indigenous] bodies are viewed as disposable and how that sentiment seems to be in repetition when we see the way the media represents these stories."

To Watch

Rock your rage out with these explosive First Play Live sessions from Pup, Dilly Dally, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, F--ked Up and Black Mountain!

We hope that helps. We also have care packages for when you're feeling sad, anxious, peaceful, hopeful, bored, inspired, or empathetic.