First Play Live

First Play Live: TRP.P, 2TRP.P

TRP.P perform songs from their latest album.

TRP.P perform songs from their latest album

TRP.P (pronounced "Trippy") is made up of singer-songwriter Phoenix Pagliacci, a former member of hip-hop group the Sorority, and producer/singer-songwriter Truss. 

Pagliacci (whose real name is Rian Hamilton) and Truss (whose real name is Tamari Russell) released their self-titled EP, TRP.P, back in 2017. Now in 2019, they're releasing 2TRP.P, which infuses hip hop and R&B with love, vulnerability, positivity and fun.

As Pagliacci told CBC Music, accessing those emotions had to come from within. 

"Being from Toronto, and growing up here in the city, there's a lot of great and talented artists," Pagliacci says. "And unfortunately, because of the influx of so much amazing talent, sometimes people feel that they're underappreciated ... but for myself, I realized that if I just love my art ... it tends to be infectious and catches on and people will do the same."

The duo has also been supportive and nurturing of one another.

"It was really fun to switch the roles around a little bit," says Truss. "I got to songwrite and sing. And you know, Phoenix, although she likes to say she's not a producer, she's a producer. One of my favourite tracks on the album is produced by her."

Watch below as TRP.P perform songs from their latest EP, 2TRP.P.

TRP.P performs "Stairs of Progression" for CBC Music 1:11
TRP.P perform "Sweet Morphine" for CBC Music 4:18
TRP.P perform "Ain't Havin' It" at CBC Music. 4:34
TRP.P perform "Love, Calm Down" at CBC Music. 3:57
TRP.P perform "Chakra Con" for CBC Music. 2:40
TRP.P perform "Heart's Last Call" for CBC Music. 3:25