First Play Live

First Play Live: The Strumbellas, Rattlesnake

The Juno-winning band performs songs from its fourth studio album.

The Strumbellas reached new heights with their wildly popular third album, Hope, released in 2016: lead single "Spirits" won the Juno for single of the year, and even topped the U.S. Billboard Alternative Songs chart.

The band is following up on that success with an equally positive, sing-along, anthem-filled album. That doesn't mean the band isn't evolving, though: lead singer Simon Ward says Rattlesnake reflects a change that he's noticing within the band.

"The whole band is in this really interesting phase where we're all getting older and we're all looking around going, holy! We're in our 30s, this is our fourth record, we're having kids … we're all just growing into becoming 'adults,'" he says.

The Strumbellas had such good vibes while recording Rattlesnake that they wanted to perform their CBC Music First Play Live session in the same studio space where the album was conceived. Watch as they perform live from Revolution Recording Studio A in Toronto.

The Strumbellas perform 'I'll Wait' for CBC Music First Play Live. 3:15
The Strumbellas perform 'One Hand Up' for CBC Music's First Play Live. 3:29
The Strumbellas perform 'Salvation' for CBC Music's First Play Live. 3:23
The Strumbellas perform 'The Party' for CBC Music's First Play Live. 4:04
The Strumbellas perform 'Running Scared' for CBC Music's First Play Live. 4:27
The Strumbellas perform 'All My Life' for CBC Music First Play Live. 4:37
The Strumbellas perform 'We Were Young' for CBC Music's First Play Live. 3:12


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