First Play Live

First Play Live: The Sorority, Pledge

The Sorority performs tracks from their debut album for CBC Music's First Play Live.
The Sorority perform at CBC Music. (CBC Music)

It's been a great year so far for women in hip-hop, from the rise of artists like Cardi B, CupcakKe and Kamaiyah to the continued dominance of Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, Janelle Monae and Lizzo. But another important name to add to that list is Toronto's The Sorority. The group, which consists of rappers Keysha Freshh, pHoenix Pagliacci, Lex Leosis and Haviah Mighty, first met at a cypher two years ago and that serendipitous occasion has now led to something more permanent.

On April 13, the Sorority released their debut album, Pledge, a collection of songs that shows a range of styles and sounds, showcasing each member's ability to spit bars that are technically proficient but also just straight-up fun. To celebrate its release, the group stopped by CBC Music to perform some songs off of the album. Watch their performances below.

The Sorority | OTW | CBC Music

4 years ago
The Sorority perform 'OTW' for CBC Music. 3:58

The Sorority | SRTY | CBC Music

4 years ago
The Sorority perform 'SRTY' for CBC Music. 4:38

The Sorority | Wildin' | CBC Music

4 years ago
The Sorority perform 'Wildin'' for CBC Music. 4:06

The Sorority | On Me | CBC Music

4 years ago
The Sorority perform 'On Me' for CBC Music. 3:11

The Sorority | East End (Dun Kno) | CBC Music

4 years ago
The Sorority perform 'East End (Dun Kno)' for CBC Music. 2:43

The Sorority | West End (Yeah Eh) | CBC Music

4 years ago
The Sorority perform 'West End (Yeah Eh)' for CBC Music. 2:08


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