First Play Live

First Play Live: Neon Dreams, Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams

The Halifax duo performs songs from its 3rd LP.

The Halifax duo performs songs from its 3rd LP

Frank Kadillac performs 'We Were Kings' from Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams. (CBC Music)

The title for Neon Dreams' third LP, Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams, is an apt reference to Doris Day's "Dream a Little Dream of Me." Out July 25, the pop album contains elements of EDM, hip hop, pop-punk and punk-rock, but mostly it just makes you feel good.

Even though Frank Kadillac (whose real name is Jahmal Wellington) and Adrian Morris, the two halves of the Halifax duo, evolve in the world of pop music  a world where style can sometimes triumph over substance  there's a vulnerability and an openness to Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams that gives a great depth of emotion to those catchy pop vibes.

Frank Kadillac performs 'High School Dropout' from Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams. (CBC Music)

In "We Were Kings," for example, Wellington wanted to make sure that his friends from high school know they still mean the world to him despite the passage of time and geographical distance.

"It's all about me actually leaving Toronto and moving to Halifax ... I was an outcast there, and I didn't have a lot of friends," he told CBC Music. "I started surrounding myself around really good people and they protected me from all the bad things that are happening around my area … and I just wanted to make something for them just to let them know that I care even if ... I'm in a different country, and I haven't seen them forever. I still feel the same."

Watch below as Neon Dreams perform songs off their Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams LP.

Neon Dreams performs "Life Without Fantasies" for CBC Music. 2:52
Neon Dreams performs "Hit Like This" for CBC Music. 2:39
Neon Dreams performs "About You" for CBC Music. 3:17
Neon Dreams performs "We Were Kings" for CBC Music. 3:20
Neon Dreams performs "High School Dropout" for CBC Music. 3:30