First Play Live

First Play Live: Half Moon Run, A Blemish in the Great Light

Watch the Montreal-based quartet perform songs from its 3rd LP.

Watch the Montreal-based quartet perform songs from its 3rd LP

Devon Portielje from Half Moon Run performing Favourite Boy in Studio 211. (CBC Music)

While many debate the current and future state of rock 'n' roll, Montreal's Half Moon Run confirm that the genre is alive and well — and, most beautifully, can't be contained to any one thing.

With their third album, A Blemish in the Great Light, the group showcases their most eclectic work yet: a cold, weather-ready collection of retro-inspired folk, psychedelia and soft-rock that bursts with rich harmonies and storytelling from their four-year break. Standing out in the final inning of 2019 as one of Canadian rock's most unique new releases, A Blemish in the Great Light feels destined for longevity.

In their intimate First Play Live in Studio 211, watch Half Moon Run flex their musicality by playing more than 18 instruments between four band members (including a memorable furry hat shaker) and seamlessly harmonizing alongside Devon Portielje's strong lead vocals.

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Half Moon Run perform "Then Again" for CBC Music 3:06
Half Moon Run perform "Favourite Boy" for CBC Music 4:01
Half Moon Run perform "Jello on my Mind" for CBC Music 3:31
Half Moon Run perform "Black Diamond" for CBC Music 2:58