First Play Live

First Play Live: City and Colour, A Pill For Loneliness

Dallas Green shares an intimate solo performance in our CBC Music studio.

Dallas Green shares an intimate solo performance in our CBC Music studio

City and Colour performs in Studio 211 at CBC (CBC Music)

A Pill For Loneliness is the new highly anticipated studio album from City and Colour, a.k.a. Dallas Green. His last studio release in 2015 coincided with his decision to take a break from an exhausting touring schedule and, at the time, Green didn't exactly know what this meant  except that he would have more time for himself, less pressure and no deadlines. 

For most people, what he did during his time off wouldn't count as much of a break. Green launched his own label, Still Records (an offshoot of Dine Alone Records), where he aims to "curate a collection of projects that he thinks deserves to be heard and enjoyed." As a first order of business under the newly formed label, Green produced and helped release an album by his friend Ben Rogers, called Wildfire.

It was his time spent in the studio as a producer, surrounded by friends and working on someone else's music for once, that rejuvenated Green's creative energy and ultimately led to him writing songs for his new album, released on Oct. 4. 

Green is now in the middle of his Canadian tour with a stop in Toronto this Friday, Nov. 22, at Scotiabank Centre.

City and Colour dropped in for a special intimate solo performance in our CBC Music studio. You can listen to the entire live concert on CBC Listen, and you can watch the performance below.

City and Colour performs "Strangers" for CBC Music. 4:17
City and Colour perform 'Body in a Box' for CBC Music. 4:04
City and Colour performs 'Young Lovers' for CBC Music. 4:00
City and Colour perform 'Living in Lightning' for CBC Music. 3:46
City and Colour performs "Against the Grain" for CBC Music. 4:50
City and Colour perform 'Difficult Love' for CBC Music. 3:44
City and Colour perform Mountain of Madness for CBC Music. 4:59
City and Colour perform "Hope for Now" for CBC Music. 5:54