Famous k.d. lang Vanity Fair cover recreated by Ru Paul's Drag Race star

Shea Couleé and creative director Scott Studenberg posed for the latest issue of Out Magazine.

Shea Couleé and creative director Scott Studenberg posed for the latest issue of Out Magazine

The latest issue of Out Magazine pays homage to a famous Vanity Fair cover starring k.d. lang and Cindy Crawford. (Christine Hahn/Out Magazine)

One of the most famous images of Canadian musician k.d. lang is her 1993 Vanity Fair cover with model Cindy Crawford. The image, which has been referenced and recreated many times over the years, shows lang sitting in a barber's chair while getting shaved by Crawford. Now, 27 years later, it is being recreated once again by two icons in their own right, Ru Paul's Drag Race star Shea Couleé and Baja East creative director Scott Studenberg. 

For the latest issue of Out Magazine, Couleé and Studenberg put their own spin on the Vanity Fair cover, with Couleé playing the role of Crawford and Studenberg posing as Lang. 

Studenberg, who served as a guest editor for that issue, explained how this idea came to fruition in an interview with Out

I was thinking of something iconic we could do that would be not just a fashion statement but make a difference in the way people would think. It was my friend Freddie [Aspiras] who came up with the idea. He's like, "Have you seen that Cindy Crawford-k.d. lang Vanity Fair cover that Herb Ritts shot years ago?" I believe it was in '93 when they shot that, which is very interesting because Out came out in '92 so it's a really big reference going way back. And then I'm like, Oh my God, imagine k.d. lang as this lesbian in '93, doing that shoot. That was huge!


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