Searchlight 2020: the top 100 artists

The votes are in: these are the top 100 artists, as chosen by you and our producers.

The votes are in: these are the top 100 artists, as chosen by you and our producers

The top 100 artists have been announced in Searchlight 2020, CBC Music's hunt for Canada's best undiscovered musical talent. (CBC Music)

For Searchlight 2020, the first cut is the deepest.

Here's how the national top 100 was decided: half of the list was decided by your votes, meaning that the 50 artists with the highest number of votes have automatically made it through (check them out in alphabetical order below); the remaining 50 made it through by internal judging from a team of CBC Music producers (you can check out that list below as well).

The top 10 finalists will be announced on Thursday, Feb. 27. Three artists will be determined by votes, while the other seven will be chosen by our CBC Music staff judges.

Once the top 10 is announced, our panel of music industry judges will take over to determine a winner of Searchlight 2020, which will be announced on Thursday, March 5. 

Good luck and congratulations to all Searchlight 2020 top 100 national contenders!

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Top 50 as judged by CBC Music

  • Ajungi featuring Shauna Seeteenak, "Letter To Myself" (Iqaluit)
  • Alexis Lynn, "Worst Behaviour" (Surrey, B.C.)
  • Autumn Kings, "Want You to Stay" (Windsor, Ont.)
  • Billy Wild, "The Waves" (Toronto)
  • Caardia, "Walking Away" (Markham, Ont.)
  • Caleb Hart featuring Track 7, "Empress" (Victoria)
  • Cape Cartel, "The Matador" (Montreal)
  • Capri Everitt, "Girl Stand Up" (Vancouver)
  • Carolina East, "Soaked in Whiskey" (South River, N.L.)
  • Carolyn Hao, "Losing Count" (Toronto)
  • Carson Janik, "Choked Up" (Tecumseh, Ont.)
  • Chrissy Spratt "X Up In Your Love" (Ottawa)
  • Cypress, "All Said and Done" (St. Albert, Alta.)
  • Dante Jordan featuring Moka Only, "BCMC" (Kelowna, B.C.)
  • December Rose, "When We Were Young" (Ville Mercier, Que.)
  • Drinkbleachh, "Talk" (Toronto)
  • The Free Label, "All Night" (Toronto)
  • Hailey MacIsaac, "Dark Room" (Charlottetown, P.E.I.)
  • James Dean Turlock, "Rollie" (Airdrie, Alta.)
  • Jess and Tay, "Into Tomorrow" (Hamilton)
  • Joseph of Mercury, "Find You Inside" (Scarborough, Ont.)
  • Josh Sahunta, "Be Alone" (Edmonton)
  • Justine Blanchet, "Heartbeat" (St. Colomban, Que.)
  • Kashaga, "I Know" (Victoria)
  • Kendra Kay, "How It's Done" (Elkhorn, Man.)
  • Krystle Dos Santos, "Buried Alive" (New Westminster, B.C.)
  • Laura Roy, "Grow" (Wolfville, N.S.)
  • Little Destroyer, "21" (Vancouver)
  • Logan Richard featuring Vince the Messenger, "Running" (Stratford, P.E.I.)
  • Ludic, "My Love" (Vancouver)
  • margø, "Someday" (Edmonton)
  • Martin Kerr, "Enemy" (Edmonton)
  • Maya Killtron, "Whiplash" (Toronto)
  • Mikalyn, "Collapse" (Guelph)
  • Mirage13, "Humble Pie" (London)
  • Naya Ali, "Get it Right" (Montreal)
  • Olive B, "Playmate" (Toronto)
  • The Pairs, "Did I" (London)
  • Rachel Cousins, "Wanna Love You" (St. John's)
  • Raene, "Breathe It In" (Vancouver)
  • The Record Breakers, "Bigger Plans" (Pierrefonds, Que.)
  • Ria, "You Made" (Toronto)
  • Shawnee, "Building a Wall" (Ajax, Ont.)
  • Shayla Souliere, "Know Better" (Regina, Sask.)
  • Taming Sari, "Wake Up Boy" (Ottawa)
  • Terez, "La. La. La." (Toronto)
  • Tom Thompson, "Clean" (Edmonton)
  • Uyemi, "Don't Get In Your Way" (Calgary)
  • Vocal Few, "To the Ocean" (Grand Pre, N.S.)
  • The Wild Romantics, "Feel the Lightnin'" (Vancouver)

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Top 50 as decided by audience votes

  • Aiden Ingersoll, "A Lie" (Miramichi, N.B.)
  • Ainsleigh MacInnis, "The Hero In You" (Pembroke, Ont.)
  • Anna B., "Bring It On" (Woodstock, Ont.)
  • Anya, "Meet Me In The Middle" (Burnaby, B.C.)
  • Apryll Aileen, "I'm Still Alive" (Rothesay, N.B.)
  • Aza Nabuko, "Ordinary" (Revelstoke, B.C.)
  • Barbara Beaton, "Pictures on a Shelf" (Sydney, N.S.)
  • Bethany Dalimonte, "Bad Habits" Amherstburg, Ont.)
  • Blow_flyy, "Where Do We Go" (Toronto)
  • Brenda MacIntyre - Medicine Song Woman, "Nothing But Love" (Toronto)
  • Brittany Hudson, "Dirt Road" (Mundleville, N.B.)
  • CJ Bissett, "So He Waited" (Lake Country, B.C.)
  • Cory Gallant, "Where You Come From" (O'Leary, P.E.I.)
  • Darcy Scott, "Canadian Folk Singer" (Conception Bay, N.L.)
  • Elyse Aeryn, "Forever" (Sydney Mines, N.S.)
  • Emma Reynolds, "You Do You" (Penetanguishene, Ont.)
  • Ethan Moulton, "Roll With Me" (Fredericton, N.B.)
  • Good Dear God, "The Storm" (Dartmouth, N.S.)
  • Izabelle, "2.0" (Montreal)
  • J.R. Proctor, "Six Days In December" (Victoria)
  • Jacelyn, "Foreign Affairs" (Mississauga, Ont.)
  • Josh Ritchie, "Louder" (Wiarton, Ont.)
  • Katherine Penfold, "Far Away" (Gibsons, B.C.)
  • Kyle Church, "Good Life" (Medicine Hat, A.B.)
  • Larry Edward, "Gasoline" (North Vancouver, B.C.)
  • LockyerBoys, "Without Your Love" (Thunder Bay, Ont.)
  • Lunar Bloom, "Sweater" (Toronto)
  • Maci Wood & Rich Roach, "Unsaid" (Stevensville, Ont.)
  • Maggie Lauren, "Shadow" (Montreal)
  • Mallory Johnson, "Hungover" (Conception Bay South, N.L.)
  • Matt James, "A Miner's Prayer" (Sudbury, Ont.)
  • Maxwell Jose, "Lord Who Knows" (Toronto)
  • Megan Ellands, "Soul Miner" (Crapaud, P.E.I.)
  • Megan Nadin, "Never Gunna Be The Same" (Thunder Bay, Ont.)
  • Moore Ave Underground, "Sleeping On The Floor" (Alymer, Ont.)
  • Olivia Chameroy, "Break Free" (Oakville, Ont.)
  • Owen Riegling, "Smoke Man" (Mildmay, Ont.)
  • Patrick Sauve, "Moment of Truth" (Erin, Ont.)
  • Peter Fewer, "Shout" (Mount Pearl, N.L.)
  • Presley Arianna, "Are You Still Smoking" (Cranbrook, B.C.)
  • Robyn Slade, "Hurt Locker" (Gander, N.L.)
  • Seishun Youth Academy, "Message" (Richmond, B.C.)
  • Stunned, "Live This Life" (Huntingdon, Que.)
  • Tim Brink, "Undone" (Waterville, Que.)
  • TrueNorthSon, "Northern Lights (Calling You Home)" (Vancouver)
  • Twin Charade, "Inaboyasa" (Mount Albert, Ont.)
  • Tyler Bartfai, "She's The One" (Powell River, B.C.)
  • The UnHeard, "Live Another Day" (Upper Keswick, N.B.)
  • Where We Wander, "Penelope" (Kelowna, B.C.)
  • Zombie Roof, "Not Just Another Night" (Vancouver, B.C.) 

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Searchlight 2020 is CBC Music's hunt for Canada's best undiscovered talent. (CBC Music )