Canadian Music Class Challenge

Here are the winners of the 2020 Canadian Music Class Challenge

Check out the winning classes from every age category.

Check out the winning classes from every age category

All Saints Catholic Secondary in Whitby, Ont., is one of our winning schools in the 2020 Canadian Music Class Challenge. (M. Paglia)

This is it! Our judges have finally made their decisions in all categories of the 2020 Canadian Music Class Challenge. They have chosen the winning classes from thousands of Canadian music students who overcame extraordinary challenges to create safe videos during the pandemic.

On behalf of everyone at CBC Music and MusiCounts, congratulations to our winners and a heartfelt thank you to all the music teachers and students who took part in this year's challenge of challenges. It was overwhelming to witness what you were able to achieve this year, and it's a great salute to the importance of music education in this country.

Check out the entire list of winners below.

Category 2: Primary Vocal (kindergarten to Grade 3) 

First prize ($3,000 in new musical instruments and a plaque): "Like a  Flower to the Sun"/"Hold On"/"We're all in This Together," McKenzie Elementary Junior Choir, Victoria. Music teacher: Arlene Salido.

Judge's comment: "Great, tuneful singing in this imaginative and safely distanced performance!" - CBC Music staff 

Second prize (plaque): "Seed In The Ground", St. Michael's University School (Grade 2), Victoria. Watch their video

Third prize (plaque): "Seed In The Ground", Westminster Public School, Brockville, Ont. Watch their video

Category 3: Elementary Instrumental (Grades 4-6)

First prize ($3,000 in new musical instruments and a plaque): "Crabbuckit", Suzuki Charter School, Edmonton. Music teacher: Tim Eckert.

Judge's comment: "An ambitious arrangement very well done." — CBC Music staff

Second prize (plaque): "Dirt," Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Elementary, Vancouver. Watch their video.

Third prize (plaque): "Sunrise," St. Martha School, Calgary. Watch their video

Category 4: Elementary Vocal (Grades 4-6)

First prize ($3,000 in new musical instruments and a plaque): "Like a Flower to the Sun," Nelson Rural School, Miramichi, N.B. Music teacher: Mary O'Neill Delano.

Judge's comment: "A great performance full of unison and musicality." — CBC Music staff

Second prize (plaque): "October," Chemainus Elementary, Chemainus, B.C. Watch their video.

Third prize (plaque): "We're all in This Together," Terry Fox Elementary, Pierrefonds, QU. Watch their video

Category 5: Junior Instrumental (Grades 7-10)

First prize ($3,000 in new musical instruments and a plaque): "Hymn to Freedom" Cross Canada Fiddle, Nanaimo, B.C. Music teachers: Trish and Geoff Horrocks.

Judge's comment: "What a team! They play with such poise, beauty of tone and a sensitive sense of ensemble." — Julie Nesrallah, host of Tempo on CBC Music.

Second prize (plaque): "Like a Flower to the Sun", Dr. Annie B. Jamieson, Vancouver. Watch their video.

Third prize: (plaque): "Hymn to Freedom," Sistema Winnipeg St. John's High School, Winnipeg. Watch their video.

Category 6: Junior Vocal (Grades 7-10)

First prize ($3,000 in new musical instruments and a plaque): "Crabbuckit," St. Paul's Glee, Alliston, Ont. Music teacher: John Miorin.

Judge's comment: "These kids have attitude and it really came across in their performance. Engaging and fun. Positively gleeful!" — Terra Lightfoot, Juno-nominated musician.

Second prize (plaque): "Robots," College Ave Secondary, Woodstock, Ont. Watch their video.

Third prize (plaque): "Crabbuckit," Arbutus Global Middle School, Victoria. Watch their video

Category 7: Senior Instrumental (Grades 11-12)

First prize ($3,000 in new musical instruments and a plaque): "Hand in my Pocket," Orchard Park Secondary, Stoney Creek, Ont. Music teacher: Wendy Young.

Judge's comment: "I greatly enjoyed the performance, and I was impressed with the ensemble, technique and creativity." — Ron Cohen Mann, professional oboist and music teacher.

Second prize (plaque): "Crabbuckit," Oak Ridge Percussion, Colborne, Ont. Watch their video

Third prize (plaque): "Crabbuckit," Austin O'Brien High, Edmonton. Watch their video

Category 8: Senior Vocal (Grades 11-12) 

First prize ($3,000 in new musical instruments and a plaque): "Hymn to Freedom," Gladstone Secondary Choir, Vancouver. Music teacher: Mike Braveman.

Judge's comment: "I was very, very impressed. I could see the smiles, energy and talent, even through the masks." — Odario Williams, host of After Dark on CBC Music.

Second prize (plaque): "We Find Love," Mayfield Secondary, Caledon, Ont. Watch their video

Third prize (plaque): "Hymn to Freedom," Langley Fine Arts School, Langley, B.C. Watch their video

Category 9: Auditioned Music Class 

First prize ($1,000 in new musical instruments and a plaque): "Sing You Home," Holy Heart Chamber Choir, St. John's. Music Teacher: Robert Colbourne,

Judge's comment: "An utterly outstanding and deeply moving performance." — CBC Music staff

Category 10: Community Music Class

First prize ($1,000 in new musical instruments and a plaque): "October," Fraser Campbell Music School, Victoria. Music teacher: Fraser Campbell.

Judge's comment: "What a lovely lead vocal, and outstanding rhythm section! " — CBC Music staff

Category 11: Top Virtual Video

Surprise! In light of all of the incredible virtual videos we received this year due to those practising safe health guidelines and physical distancing, we are awarding this special prize to honour your creative efforts and musical excellence.

First prize ($3,000 in new musical instruments and a plaque): "Hand in my Pocket," All Saints Catholic Secondary, Whitby, Ont.

Judge's comment: "A wonderful spirit of together-apart carries this performance, which is filled with dynamic and energized performances." — CBC Music staff

Congratulations again to all of these victorious classes and music teachers, and to every single student and teacher who took part in the challenge in this year, one unlike any other! 

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Questions? Email us at Happy holidays, see you next year, and remember: we're all in this together! 

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