Canadian Music Class Challenge

Challenge your kids to raise their Inside Voices in song

A new month-long project for little music lovers, led by a professional vocal coach.

A new month-long project for little music lovers, led by a professional vocal coach

A new series to help kids find their musical voice from home. (CBC Music)

You're always after your kids to use their inside voices, right? 

Well today, CBC Music and CBC Kids launch a month-long project to get your kids to use their inside voices to sing an inspiring song and share it with all of Canada. It's called the Inside Voices Project, where a professional singing coach will train your kid to sing, and then put them to work recording their own karaoke version of a song to share with family, friends and all the country using the hashtag #CBCmusicclass and #cbckids 

It's simple to participate. Below is the first of four videos that will guide your family through the project. Each week, a new video will be added to move you along. Here's what is in each video: 

Video 1 (April 17): Vocal Warm-up

Our professional coach demonstrates all the tricks, including lip buzzing, how to relax your body, how to project your voice and vocal exercises.

Video 2 (April 24): The Craft of Singing

This video showcases tongue twisters and pronunciation exercises, as well as breathing techniques for beginners.

Video 3 (May 1): Learn the Song

This video will introduce the song we're going to learn, called "Together we are One." Our voice coach will perform the melody, teach the verses, pre-chorus and chorus sections. 

Video 4 (May 8): Share Your Song

In our final video, our coach will show you how to record your karaoke version of "Together we are One." She will also show you how to share your video with the country, if you choose to. 

May 13

We all post our karaoke versions of the song on social media using the hashtags #CBCMusicclass and #cbckids. CBC will showcase some of the most fun videos! 

Our teacher for Inside Voices is Jasmine Denham

Meet the professional vocal coach who will help kids find their inside voices throughout this series. (Supplied)

Denham has been performing for audiences around the world for more than 25 years, sharing the stage, television screens, recording studios and productions with artists like Nelly Furtado, Serena Ryder, Michael Jackson, Kylie Minogue, the All-American Rejects, and the Benny cast of the Broadway musical Rent.

As the owner of The Stop Rehearsal Studio and Popular Music Space, Denham spends her days coaching established professional artists, television personalities and young aspiring singers at one of Toronto's premier rehearsal studios and pop star academies.

In 2015, CBC Music helped to create "Together we are One," the inspiring official theme song for the 2015 Pan Am Games held in Toronto. The song featured Serena Ryder in the English version, and Denham in the French version. We will be using a special instrumental version for this project, for each participant to use as their karaoke track.


In our latest video, Denham shows you how to record your karaoke version of "Together we are One."

Here's a shortened karaoke version of "Together we are One" for social media posting:

Here's the full karaoke version of the song:

And here is a version with your vocal coach singing:

This is the first video, which contains some good vocal warm-ups:

In the second video of the series, your coach shares tips on good singing technique:

In the third video, Denham teaches you the song "Together we are One."

Here are the English lyrics and the French lyrics to the song.

Each week a new video will be added to this post. If you have any questions write us at Good luck and have fun!