'Do we need pyro?': Max Kerman on the Arkells' growth from barroom to the Juno stage

In his My Junos Moment, the frontman takes us behind some of their key performances.

In his My Junos Moment, the frontman takes us behind some of their key performances

My Junos Moment: Arkells

1 year ago
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The Arkells’ frontman takes us behind some of their key Junos' performances

"We never thought we were a band that was like, 'let's do fire, we need pyro,'" says Max Kerman, frontman for the Arkells. "But now we're like, 'do we need pyro? I think we do want pyro.'"

Kerman is reflecting on the growth of the Hamilton-based group from barroom rockers to a band that, well, needs pyro. 

Case in point, their performance of "Knocking at the Door" at the 2018 Juno Awards, complete with pyro, backup singers and a horn section. 

"For the Juno Awards, you know, you're playing in an arena and want to bring all the heavy hitters," he says. 

Since winning the new group of the year Juno in 2010, the Arkells have become Juno regulars, performing four times on the stage, and as such, they like to add some Easter eggs to their performances for fans who may be watching extra closely. 

Take the closing notes of "Drake's Dad," which they performed in 2017 and used as an opportunity to tease the yet-to-be released "Knocking at the Door" by subtly dropping one lyric from the song. 

"We're always dropping little hints here and there," he says.

Watch his full My Junos Moment above. 

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