Music Decade of Drake

Drake mysteriously delivers flowers in Toronto to tease More Life Growth Co.

Those are some fancy greenhouses in the rapper's recent Instagram post.

Those are some fancy greenhouses in the rapper's recent Instagram post

Did you get a bouquet from Drake? We didn't. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

It was Drake's birthday, and he'll get high if he wants to  or possibly start a weed business, which sounds more lucrative.

On Nov. 5, Drake's team gave out bouquets of flowers wrapped in paper branded with the words "More Life" in Toronto, with little explanation. Later that night, the rapper posted an Instagram video with the rotating words "Welcome to More Life Growth Co." on top of what looks like large dome greenhouses surrounded by trees. 

Now, according to the Candian trademarks database, it looks like More Life Growth Co. will actually be selling "cannabis products and accessories, medical cannabis, THC and CBD," among other things (including athletic shirts?), though Drake hasn't clarified anything about the company other than that Instagram post.

It's a big step up from a couple of years ago, when various outlets wondered if Drake even knew how to smoke weed at all.

Add this news to the announcement that Pharrell's helping to design a dual-tower condo project in Yonge and Eglinton, and Toronto's really having a big week.