Chromeo, dvsn, Riit and Shopé: songs you need to hear this week

4 fresh tracks to add to your playlist right now.

4 fresh tracks to add to your playlist right now

Riit's debut full-length album, ataataga, came out Oct. 25 via Six Shooter Records. (Supplied by the artist)

Each week, CBC Music producers come together to highlight Canada's best new tracks.

This week, we got hooked on new songs from Riit and Shopé, as well as two outstanding collaborations: dvsn featuring Future and MAX featuring Chromeo. Scroll down to find out why you need to hear them, too.

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'No Cryin,' dvsn feat. Future

Earlier this year, Toronto R&B duo dvsn teamed up with rapper Future for "Tricks on Me" off his album The Wizrd. But that wasn't the last time they'd be in the studio together. Last week, they joined forces once again on "No Cryin," an emotional late-night number that combines each act's greatest strengths. Over dvsn member Nineteen85's layered R&B production, highlighted by a piano centrepiece, Future and dvsn singer Daniel Daley channel their feelings towards their subject, consoling her, post-break-up, with the reminder, "Ain't nobody cryin' in the club/ ayy, you can do better, oh." "No Cryin" is an anthem for those who are looking to exorcise their heartache in the club; an effective way to help someone get their bounce back.

— Melody Lau

'qaumajuapik,' Riit

Love songs and break-up songs aren't often found within the same four minutes, but Nunavut's Riit has skilfully balanced the feelings of a toxic relationship and a fresh new fling on her single "qaumajuapik," off her just-released debut album, ataataga. Riit's eerie, wordless vocals open the track, with an ominous synth beat soon breaking way to an unexpectedly uplifting chorus. "It's an Inuktitut love song qaumajuapik means 'You are shining,'" Riit told the Fader recently. She went on to detail that the song came out of a break-up with a "manipulative and controlling" guy, followed by a fun date with "this beautiful Australian dude." The two moods are easily felt on "qaumajuapik," with Riit's throat singing bringing a layer of warmth and immediacy to the electro-pop track. Riit recently came into the CBC Music studio to perform songs from ataataga, and you can watch her intimate performance of "qaumajuapik" with throat singer Alexia Galloway-Alainga below.

— Holly Gordon

Watch Riit's full First Play Live session here.

Riit performs "qaumajuapik" for CBC Music 5:55

'Checklist,' Max feat. Chromeo

It's a rare occasion when electro-funk duo Chromeo hops on another artist's record, so when Max dropped this feisty pop collaboration on Nov. 1, we paid special attention. "Checklist" continues the funky trend that Max started with "Acid Dreams" in September. "We wanted that extra layer of funk spice to bring the song to the next level," Max said, adding, "Who better than Chromeo the funk lordz themselves?" The result is a highly danceable song with Bruno Mars-level energy, tuneful whistling in the chorus and some endearingly dorky lines ("We do it big like it's Texas/ home movies all got three Xs.")

— Robert Rowat

'Sorry,' Shopé

The key to success in any relationship is the willingness to admit when you're wrong and to apologize, something Shopé has evidently figured out. "Girl I know I make you cry, so put this on me/ but I never go dey tire, to say I'm sorry," he sings in his latest song, a mid-tempo Afro-fusion number that puts his various abilities on display. We love the subtle harmonization in the chorus, the way he dips into his low register for the sung rap verses, and the imaginative use of percussion throughout the track — all wrapped up in a remarkably slick production. — RR