CBC News Explore's BIG Music investigates how digital music has changed the industry

The latest instalment of the BIG docu-series airs Friday, March 31.

The latest instalment of the BIG docu-series airs Friday, March 31

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Rapper Cadence Weapon opens up about the hardships of being a musician in the age of digital music in CBC News Explore's BIG Music. (CBC)

The music industry has been a business first since its inception, prioritizing profit over the art that musicians create. From greedy managers to big corporations like Ticketmaster and Spotify, the idea of a democratic music industry has always been more of a dream than a reality. 

In CBC News Explore's BIG Music, the latest instalment of its BIG docu-series, we take a deep dive into the history of the music industry and look at the decades-long fight for control between artists, consumers and corporations. 

The episode features interviews with musicians, writers and industry insiders including Cadence Weapon, Alan Cross, Tatiana Cirisano, Kelefa Sanneh, Stephen Witt and more. 

Watch the full episode below.

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Big Music

6 months ago
Duration 51:09
One tap and you can hear any song in the world, but who benefits? CBC News Explore’s BIG MUSIC looks at how Spotify, Ticketmaster, LiveNation, and Tik Tok are changing the very nature of music.