An all-Canadian playlist for your best home workout ever

Work up a sweat to these fresh pop and dance tracks from Loud Luxury, New City, Pat Lok, Dragonette, bbno$ and others.

Work up a sweat to these fresh pop and dance tracks

Prepare to sweat. (Alexander Hassenstein/Getty; design by Holly Gordon/CBC Music)

In parts of Canada, the latest wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has sent gym rats home again for their daily workouts.

If you're serious about fitness, you know it's a challenge to reach the same level of intensity during a home workout. It's hard to give 100 per cent when you're worried about bumping into furniture, disturbing the neighbours or knocking lamps off tables. But for now, it's all there is.

To help you get the most out of your home workout, we've built a one-hour all-Canadian playlist that will provide the motivation you need. It's a mix of recent pop, EDM and house tracks with a consistent beat of approximately 120 beats per minute — perfect whether you're on a stationary bike, doing aerobics or crushing a HIIT-style workout.

So, clear some space, get a bottle of water, and hit play on our All-Canadian Workout Spotify playlist. You might even discover some new Canadian bangers while you're at it.