Allison Russell performs songs from new album, The Returner, on CBS

The folk singer performed with her all-women band, the rainbow coalition.

The folk singer performed with her all-women band, the rainbow coalition

Allison wears a long, feathered blue gown.
Allison Russell performed several songs from her new album on the program. (Dana Trippe)

Grammy-nominated, Juno-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Allison Russell released her second album, The Returner, on Sept. 8. To promote the record, she performed several songs on CBS' Saturday Sessions

The track "Stay Right Here" was released as one of the album's singles, and Russell performed it with several members of the rainbow coalition, her all-women musical collective.

"'Stay Right Here' is about resisting the siren songs of self-hatred, apathy and oblivion," she said of the song in a press release. "It's about fighting the nihilistic forces of bigotry, fear and fascism. Right here, right now."

She also sang her latest single, "Demons" as well as the album's eponymous track.

The Returner was featured in CBC Music's summer album preview, where the joyful record was detailed as "a promise that Russell is giving back more than she's received, which has always felt like her ethos." 

Russell will perform next at Fredericton's Harvest Music Festival, which runs from Sept. 12-17.