'All of us were in a state of shock': Alan Doyle on living through the pandemic as a musician

The former Great Big Sea singer opens up about how he coped with the pandemic on the 1st episode of COVID Diaries, a new series from CBC Music exploring how Canadian musicians adapted and how they're now imagining the future of live music.

The former Great Big Sea singer opens up about coping with the pandemic on the 1st episode of COVID Diaries

Alan Doyle | Covid Diaries

5 months ago
Duration 6:38
The COVID Diaries is a five-part series that was recorded over several months before the Omicron variant hit, when the touring economy seemed to be opening up, albeit briefly. These interviews offer a candid glimpse into the lives of musicians as they prepared for what they thought was a return to a sense of normalcy.

"I just remember this industry-wide state of disbelief."

On the first episode of COVID Diaries, Newfoundland's Alan Doyle delves into the immediate shock he experienced after the world went into lockdown in March 2020. At the time, imagining even a month without touring was unfathomable to him. Fast forward to just before the Omicron wave hit at the end of 2021, and Doyle was finally preparing to perform for audiences again. That's when CBC Music caught up with him and learned about his many pandemic projects (a book, a musical and two records), how he stayed "mentally well" over the past two years and what bringing the magic of live music back to his fans has meant to him. 

"I think the pandemic taught us that this is a very, very, very rare and special circumstance that we find ourselves in, to be able to gather and make something that's magical."

Watch the video above and stay tuned for more COVID Diaries to come. 

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