5 songs to soundtrack your Sagittarius season

Let these tracks from Nelly Furtado, Haviah Mighty and more get you into a Sagittarius state of mind.

Let these tracks from Nelly Furtado, Haviah Mighty and more get you into a Sagittarius state of mind

We've officially entered Sagittarius season. Nelly Furtado and Haviah Mighty are two artists born under the fun-loving and thrill-seeking astrological sign. (Getty Images, Colors Berlin; graphic by CBC Music. )

It's time to tap into the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius season. 

CBC Life astrologer Bryanna Collier says that this season will be an ideal time to make positive change within our communities. "When the sun enters Sagittarius, we strive to create a better world by opening and expanding our minds," she said in a post on CBC Life's Instagram page.

People born under this fire sign tend to be idealistic and optimistic. They are ruled by Jupiter (the planet of abundance), after all — the universe always seems to be on their side. Thanks to their desire for escapism, they're definitely most likely to uproot their lives and move across the world on a whim.

To captivate a Sagittarius you have to be just as thrilling as them, as their fire burns passionately and brightly. Sagittarians are symbolized by the archer and they're definitely straight shooters not afraid of giving a bit of brutal honesty. Wise but perpetually young at heart, they wax poetic about the meaning of life one second and then crack an unbelievably immature joke the next. 

Let the five songs below help you shift into the carefree, free-wheeling energy that Sagittarius season brings.

'I'm Like a Bird,' Nelly Furtado

This catchy hit that catapulted Sagittarius icon Nelly Furtado to worldwide fame includes some of her most Sagittarian lyrics ever: "I'm like a bird, I only fly away/ I don't know where my soul is/ I don't know where my home is." A mantra of escapism if there ever was one, "I'm Like a Bird" embodies the Sag drive to be completely untethered.

'Pull Up,' Keys N Krates, Haviah Mighty

Sagittarius season is your time to seek pleasure and party hard. Let the fiery confidence that rapper Haviah Mighty — a Sag herself — boasts over Keys N Krates' lively production motivate you to be the life of the party.

'Kilimanjaro,' Pierre Kwenders

Sagittarians love to travel, but if there are no flights on your horizon anytime soon, this track from the 2022 Polaris Prize winner Pierre Kwenders can whisk you away to the tip of Mount Kilimanjaro. Let the rumba drums take you on an instant vacation. 

'Grow up Tomorrow,' the Beaches

The rollicking energy of this slacker banger really leans into the Sag vibe of relishing in the messiness of life and not taking yourself too seriously. (Extra points: the Beaches really know how to throw a party.)

'Free Grillz,' Magi Merlin

Sags aren't people to be messed with. We can all learn how to stand our ground by emulating their unshakable resolve. Unleash your inner badass with Magi Merlin's blunt delivery and cutthroat lyrics as your motivator.


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