5 songs to soundtrack your Capricorn season

Get into the mindset of this ambitious, hardworking sign with the help of songs by Metric, Shawn Desman, Brett Kissel and more.

Get into the mindset of this ambitious sign with the help of songs by Metric, Shawn Desman and more

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Let these songs be a guide as we enter Capricorn season, and the focus shifts to the hardworking, go-getter energy Capricorns are known for. (Matt Small; graphic by CBC Music)

The beginning of Capricorn season is typically eclipsed by the winter holidays, but the levelheaded earth sign seems to take that in stride. Capricorns know their worth, and since they're so practically minded, they don't need all the extra fanfare — although some would be nice, I'm sure. 

Often characterized as the workaholics of the zodiac, they take immense pride in going above and beyond. 

Like the other earth signs (Taurus and Virgo), they're very grounded and seek comfort and stability above all else. Capricorns possess an unshakeable confidence, and believe they can accomplish anything through their own blood, sweat and tears (but they won't tell anyone about the tears). 

CBC Life's resident astrologer, Bryanna Collier, says this Capricorn season may find us hyper-focused on elevating our position in the world. "The [winter solstice] compels us to plan for the future," she says. "We can use this transit to work on breaking old habits."

Hit play on the five songs below to prime yourself for the no-nonsense energy of Capricorn season. 

'Get Ready,' Shawn Desman

Capricorns might be workaholics, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to have a good time. If the saying "work hard, play hard" was a person, it would be a Capricorn. This essential early 2000s party tune embodies that spirit, and bonus points for being by the Capricorn comeback king himself, Shawn Desman. 

'Been Himma,' Dom Vallie

As the sign most likely to become president of the world, Capricorns move through life with big-boss energy. The rest of us can fake it by blasting Dom Vallie's self-confidence anthem "Been Himma." You'll feel like you can conquer anything after one listen. 

'Help I'm Alive,' Metric

Caps have a strong exterior. But behind that guarded wall, they're secretly big softies. Metric gave us the best breakdown of that internal tension with the chorus of their powerful track "Help I'm Alive": "My heart keeps beating like a hammer/ hard to be soft, tough to be tender." 

'Make a Life, not a Living,' Brett Kissel

The value of a hard day's work has been the subject matter of many a country song since time immemorial but Brett Kissel flips the script here with "Make a Life, not a Living." The small things are just as important as the next milestone or promotion — it's a lesson we can all take in during this busy season of New Year's resolutions and five-year planning.

'W.I.T.C.H.,' Devon Cole

Continuing the theme of big-boss energy, we've got Devon Cole's breakout hit "W.I.T.C.H." A Woman In Total Control of Herself is unstoppable, and that's off-putting to some people. Cole wonders why they can't handle that kind of confidence in the bridge: "Tell me why you're so scared of a woman in charge." 


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