5 music videos made in isolation that cheered us up this week

From a Rankin Family cover to a faithful replica of The Simpsons opening, you'll smile, too.

From a Rankin Family cover to a faithful replica of The Simpsons opening, you'll smile, too

Voices Rock Medicine sings the Rankin Family's ‘Rise Again.’ (YouTube screenshot)

While self-isolation and social distancing may be helping contain COVID-19, one thing is still proliferating: creativity.

We're grateful to the musicians who are putting that creativity to work, along with the help of modern video editing technology, to keep us entertained during this pandemic.

Here are five music videos that cheered us up this week.

1. Voices Rock Medicine sings 'Rise Again'

Voices Rock Medicine, a choir of women physicians from the Greater Toronto Area, virtually got together for this rendition of the Rankin Family's "Rise Again," a fitting anthem for the spirit of the work they're doing. They've dedicated the goosebump-inducing video to "the superheroes of Canadian healthcare, and beyond," and want people to share the video as a message of "gratitude and positivity during these challenging times." Go forth!

2. Family recreates the The Simpsons opening 

The iconic Simpsons opening takes viewers across the fictional town of Springfield — from Bart and Lisa's classrooms to Homer's nuclear power plant workplace — but this Ontario family creates the entire opening, shot-for-shot, from their Durham Region home, complete with spot-on costumes.

3. CBC fan writes a song for us

Musician Pater has been writing original songs every day and posting them on her Instagram, including one that caught our attention with its daily routine refrain: "Eat, sleep, CBC, repeat." Consider it CBC-approved.

4. East Coasters come together for 'O Canada'

The Newfoundland and Labrador English School District rounded up more than 100 community members and special guests (including Rick Mercer, Allan Hawco, Petrina Bromley and Tom Power) to form a virtual choir and perform 'O Canada.'

5. Laval Youth Choir sings a French classic

Françoise Hardy's 1965 hit "L'Amitié" (Friendship) was an apt choice for this virtual gathering of the Laval Youth Choir, with these words from verse 2 hitting home: "Donner autour de toi un peu de ta tendresse/ Lorsqu'un autre voudra te cacher sa tristesse." (To those around you, show a little tenderness/ Especially when they might be concealing their sadness.)