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Murdoch Mysteries: The Infernal Device Chapter Four ~ Trouble Is Brewing Canadian Media Fund
Canadian Media Fund
Chapter Four Trouble Is Brewing

Detective Crabtree has laid out all of our concerns to Detective Murdoch. Perhaps he can help get some of the evidence Meyers had removed back into our hands.

I found this Vigenère cipher chart tucked inside Miss Thompson's cipher wheel.

Did Echolls ever love Chapman or was he using her all along? He certainly made sure she was in that theatre...

Chapman was obviously in love with Echolls. Could this have blinded her to the horror she was building?

Poor Perkins. He had no idea what kind of people he was involved with.

Proof that Echolls and Chapman were colluding... what a sordid pair!

Looks like this was the message that lured Dunbar to his death.

In this message to "Command" -- whom I assume is Meyers -- Echolls seems to be delaying any further communications until May 4th.

This is the first message Echolls sent to Miss Thompson, to test her transcription skills.

It looks like Miss Thompson was keeping notes and chronicling some of the messages that she was asked to transmit. This information may help us stop Echolls, but it cost Miss Thompson her life.

This was likely the last message Miss Thompson sent before she was murdered. The proof she provided should help put Echolls away for a long time.
A receipt for an ocean liner ticket, bound for the United Kingdom from New York, made out in Echolls name. And an unused train ticket from Montreal to New York, in Cornelia Chapman's name.

Miss Thompson stumbled onto a plot that even she couldn't imagine. If not for her, the Princess, her entourage, and a good portion of the population of Montreal could well have been killed.

It seems hard to believe, but the cigar found at the murder scene in Edmonton was covered in Terrence Meyers' fingermarks.

Found amongst the bits and pieces recovered from the brewery.

Found in the brewery, I can make no sense of this.

Meyers made sure I received these explicit instructions. He's counting on me to prove his innocence. Or sending me directly into a trap. 

Someone either had a system, or liked to bet erratically in increasing amounts.

A trade paper found at the brewery. Someone was a fan of horse racing.

Poor Ms. Thompson. She warned Meyers but couldn't wait for him to take action, so she did. Her sacrifice has likely saved lives.

Someone went to a lot of mathematical effort to predict the outcome of a horse race.

Photos of the brewery referred to in a deed made out to Terrence Meyers.

Poor Doctor Dunbar! A horrific way to die. His skin... green and blistered. Whatever caused this was concocted for a sinister purpose.

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