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Murdoch Mysteries: The Infernal Device Chapter Five ~ Tea For Who? Canadian Media Fund
Canadian Media Fund
Chapter Five Tea For Who?

Hopefully Crabtree's appeal will work. He's right, we can use all the help we can get!

Scotland Yard's report on the arrest of Horace Echolls/Jerome Pottingsworth. His full confession is a matter of record now.

Wise advice from Detective Crabtree. I can't let the ruffians know that I'm working with the London Police.
It seems we've been granted temporary jurisdiction in London. That should make the investigation a bit easier.
Echolls has been spotted! I can't let him escape me in London.

If Detective Murdoch thinks this may be important, I'll take him at his word. Powerful men that are somehow connected to the device... this can't be good.

A local police report on their findings from the ocean liner cabin that Echolls travelled in from Canada.

It looks like Detective Murdoch has at least some sway with Terrence Meyers. I hope he can continue to press him for more information.

Meyers has provided me with a dossier on Echolls. Hopefully this will aid me in locating Echolls.

This was found crumpled on the floor in Echolls' ocean liner cabin.

This was found during a search of Echolls' ocean liner cabin. 

Detective Murdoch managed to secure this piece of evidence from the boxes of material Terrence Meyers had removed from the Montreal headquarters.

This mysterious riddle and sigil was found in Echolls' cabin. Could this be the clue I need to track him down?

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