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Murdoch Mysteries: The Infernal Device Chapter One ~ Death on the Tracks Canadian Media Fund
Canadian Media Fund
Chapter One Death on the Tracks

It's nice to see that Detective Crabtree credited me in his report! I hope I can continue to be of service.

Poor Doctor Dunbar! A horrific way to die. His skin... green and blistered. Whatever caused this was concocted for a sinister purpose.

This was found in an envelope tucked into the notebook at the scene of Dunbar's death. From the look of it, ominous plans are in the works.

Cyptic... yet the only equation I seem to have found in the notebook.

Dunbar seems to have all manner of strange reagents bottled up here. For what purpose?

A weathered notebook found at the murder scene. It contains a copious amount of papers, sketches, and diagrams. Whoever lost this is likely not very happy about it. 

This box of matches has some numbers scrawled on it. Odd pattern... what could they mean?

A detailed listing of every stop on the Royal itinerary... this information is classified. And those symbols... have I seen those somewhere before?

Someone obviously had an issue with Doctor Dunbar. I wonder who the rest of these people are?

A rather zealous person was handing these out near the scene of the crime.

Doctor Grace seems to have seen nothing like this before, and she's not alone. I've never seen anything like this either. What could have done this to Doctor Dunbar?

The location of Doctor Dunbar's meeting. I need to find a spot where I can remain hidden.

This should tell me exactly who I'm supposed to be following. Meyers needs to know who Doctor Dunbar is meeting with.

I'm not sure if I'll need this official letter I received, but I'll bring it along just in case.

Inspector Murdoch clearly has faith that Crabtree can perform duties for him in his absence.

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