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Murdoch Mysteries: The Infernal Device Chapter Two ~ A Puzzling Development Canadian Media Fund
Canadian Media Fund
Chapter Two A Puzzling Development

Perhaps Detective Murdoch will be able to shed some light on Meyers' motives. I'm not counting on that, however...

From The Gastown Messenger... sounds like Perkins died from his own research.

A positive identification from the Northwest Mounted Police confirmed my suspicions. Mr. Perkins was a member of this group, just like Doctor Dunbar.

Interesting... apparently Perkins had something delivered from Glasgow recently.

What could Perkins have needed these Tesla sketches for? 

A table of fuel combustion properties.

This seems to be the result of several experiments on detonations.

A newspaper article on wireless telegraphy. More Marconi connections... what could this mean?

Closeup photos of various devices. Could these be the same devices as in the technical diagrams?

Some random scraps of paper found at the scene. I'm not sure if they'll be valuable, but Meyers wanted me to gather all the evidence.

Miraculously, this document escaped damage. However, there are many things in it that are a cause for concern...

A patent from Nikola Tesla... there's a lot here I can't make any sense of.

I'm not sure what relevance this has, but it must have had some meaning to Perkins.

Recovered at the scene of Perkins' unfortunate demise. Active body, active mind...

Curious... what could this mean? And how to decipher it?

An article by Marconi on wireless transmission... what does this have to do with Perkins' research?

A technical drawing found near the scene of Perkins'... accident?

These equations seem to refer to different types of explosions. Chilling.

The Northwest Mounted Police autopsy report on Mr. Perkins. Some interesting findings.

When I see Crabtree next, I'll update him on everything I've discovered.

Confirmation from Doctor Grace... Dunbar died as a result of exposure to mustard gas. And the body was moved post-mortem, just as I suspected.

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