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The Infernal Device cast fans in the role of detective, immersing them in an original Murdoch Mysteries story that began online and extended out into the real world.

Originally playing out over six weeks in spring of 2015, it's a steampunk-inspired mystery involving multiple gruesome murders, a 1902-era superweapon, British royalty in jeopardy, early 20th century biotechnology, stage magic, espionage, and betrayal. It combined video, photos, documents, letters, and other epistolary evidence punctuated with diabolical puzzles, cryptographic conundrums, and devious minigames that served to successively unlock more of the story. New chapters were revealed online each week, leading to live in-story participatory events in locations across Canada and over to London, England. Additional clues were revealed at each location, and fans then worked together online to solve the case.

While the real-world events are now over, they have been incorporated into the story which is still playable. If you haven't done so yet, start your investigation below!

  1. Chapter One: Death on the Tracks

    Help save the world in the first chapter of a Murdoch Mysteries interactive episode that takes place online and in select live locations across Canada.

  2. Chapter Two: A Puzzling Development

    Chapter 2 of this interactive mystery sees Terrence Meyers enlist the help of investigators to solve a murder in Vancouver.

  3. Chapter Three: Disappearing Act

    Chapter 3 sees investigators off to Edmonton to observe a magic show performance at the Capitol Theatre. Will any answers be pulled from a hat?

  4. Chapter Four: Trouble Is Brewing

    In the fourth chapter of Murdoch Mysteries: The Infernal Device, investigators, having only just escaped from a deadly device in Edmonton, head to Montreal on the trail of a killer.

  5. Chapter Five: Tea For Who?

    Our investigators head to London hot on the trail of Horace Echolls, the mastermind engineer behind The Infernal Device. Will Echolls be caught? Find out in Murdoch Mysteries: The Infernal Device ~ Chapter 5: Tea for Who?

  6. Chapter Six: A Royal Affair

    Chapter Six: A Royal Affair is the exciting conclusion to Murdoch Mysteries: The Infernal Device. Will you save the princess, and possibly the world, in time?

  7. Credits

    It took a lot of hard work and a lot of people to put together Murdoch Mysteries: The Infernal Device.