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Case #0406: Lost Sole ~ March 26, 1903

An interesting case, to be sure! An expensive shoe with a foot still inside… but whose foot is it? And how did it end up where it did? As with most cases, more can likely be revealed by reading the reports already available.

The Police Report should be a good lead to start with, it's full of useful information. And the Medical Examiner's report -- if there's anything unusual about the foot in question, it will be listed there. Several avenues of investigation are open at the moment, so time to follow a lead!

Follow your leads

Read the Police Report

Read the Medical Examiner's report

Visit the scene of the crime

Talk to Angus Thriftwood

Solve the case

WARNING: revealing the questions below could spoil some of the mystery if you haven't followed enough leads. Be sure you're truly ready to solve the case, and that you have uncovered enough evidence, before proceeding. I'm ready to solve the case

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