• Detective William Murdoch

    Detective William Murdoch

    [ Yannick Bisson ] William Murdoch is a handsome young Victorian-era detective who uses radical forensic techniques for the time, including fingerprinting and trace evidence, to solve some of the city's most gruesome murders. Though his unconventional approach often elicits ridicule from fellow officers...
  • Dr. Julia Ogden

    Dr. Julia Ogden

    [ Hélène Joy ] Julia Ogden is a pathologist who works with the Toronto police force. She's a forward-thinking, modern woman who can be quite blunt and straightforward. She shares Murdoch's fascination with forensic science and has become one of his staunchest allies, though...
  • Constable George Crabtree

    Constable George Crabtree

    [ Jonny Harris ] George Crabtree is a young constable who's eager to be a detective like Murdoch, but lacks the formal education to do so. Murdoch admires his enthusiasm, openness to new ideas and loyalty, but is frustrated by Crabtree's inability to grasp...
  • Inspector Brackenreid

    Inspector Brackenreid

    [ Thomas Craig ] Brackenreid is a gruff, no-nonsense, by-the-book Inspector who is completely lacking in imagination. He is prone to quick judgments based on stereotypes and first impressions. Though he would never disobey an order, he occasionally lets Murdoch do it if he...
  • Rebecca James

    Rebecca James

    [ Mouna Traoré ] A recent arrival in Toronto, Rebecca James is a young woman of humble origins who cleans the city morgue.
  • Dr. Emily Grace

    Dr. Emily Grace

    [ Georgina Reilly ] Dr. Ogden's feisty young protégé, an accomplished pathologist, Dr. Grace is unflappable in the face of gruesome deaths, and thus a helpful assistant to Murdoch in solving crimes. She also has a strong personal chemistry with Constable Crabtree....