Gerry Duncan

After making it through his first year as a full time teacher at Xavier Academy only becoming entangled in a few minor disasters (in which he was mostly successful miraculously finding or falling into a solution), Gerry has gained more confidence which makes him less cautious in his dealings with other staff and students, with the exception of Principal Callaghan. He's found a good friend in Simon, who he appears to see as a sort of protégé, and has developed at least a minimal level of civility in his dealings with Robert, Trudy, Bobbi and Dwyer. His better students often see through his ruse of preparedness and knowledge in the subject matter during his classes, but things are mostly going okay for him. He still doesn't have to work very hard, getting by on his charm and his real-world craftiness, and is enjoying a fun social life. His curiosity, procrastination and elaborate lies will no doubt continue to get him involved in situations he probably could avoid altogether.