Emma Terdie

Emma Terdie is a professional librarian with a degree in Library Sciences. She runs a tight ship and demands that rules are followed and that things are always done by the book in her library. She sees her role as no different than that of Xavier’s teachers, and considers the books to be “her students”. She can be territorial with teachers in her library whenever she feels that her toes are being stepped on or at any perceived snub regarding the importance of her role.

She is very open, sometimes innapropriately so, with colleagues about the details of her home life. Though recently married, Emma seems to be in somewhat of an open relationship and finds herself attracted to Gerry, much to Gerry’s discomfort (though Emma and her husband see no problem at all). Furthermore, Gerry can’t help feel that she’s infringing on his territory – “Miss Terdie” sounding unnervingly similar to “Mr. D”.