• Gerry Duncan

    Gerry Duncan

    [ Gerry Dee ] After years of 'subbing', Gerry finally gets a 'real' teaching position at one of the city's most prestigious private schools.
  • Bill


    [ Darrin Rose ] Still living with Gerry and still tending bar at Barrels, on the surface Bill is carefree, irresponsible and doesn't appear to take life too seriously.
  • Lisa Mason

    Lisa Mason

    [ Lauren Hammersley ] Lisa has developed a bit more confidence and feels more at ease with the staff and students. She still cannot stand to have anyone not like her.
  • Robert Cheeley

    Robert Cheeley

    [ Jonathan Torrens ] Robert Cheeley is as officious and by the book as ever, although by now many of his flaws, weaknesses and bizarre character traits have been exposed.
  • Trudy Walsh

    Trudy Walsh

    [ Bette MacDonald ] By day, Trudy Walsh is the gatekeeper and last line of defense to Principal Callaghan's office.
  • Paul Dwyer

    Paul Dwyer

    [ Wes Williams ] Paul Dwyer is the ever-popular teacher Gerry would love to be.
  • Simon


    [ Mark Little ] Simon is quirky, well liked and clever in a science teacher way, while still fumbling many basic social interactions.
  • Bobbi


    [ Naomi Snieckus ] Bobbi runs perhaps the tightest ship at Xavier Academy. She is a shining example to the junior staff, respected by most students and maybe even feared by some.
  • Malik


    [ Suresh John ] Malik is the janitor at Xavier Academy
  • Frank


    [ Bill Wood ] Guidance counselor Frank uses crutches to walk, but he doesn't allow his disability to hold him back.
  • Emma Terdie

    Emma Terdie

    [ Kathleen Phillips ] Emma Terdie is a professional librarian with a degree in Library Sciences. She runs a tight ship and demands that rules are followed.