• Gerry Dee

    Gerry Dee

    As  Gerry Duncan
    Gerry Dee began his comedy career in a very different fashion. Born in Scarborough, Ontario the son of Scottish immigrant
  • Darrin Rose

    Darrin Rose

    As  Bill
    A familiar face on television, Darrin Rose is one of the stars of the CBC sitcom Mr. D
  • Lauren Hammersley

    Lauren Hammersley

    As  Lisa Mason
    Lauren would like to thank the writers for not running over her character with a bus.
  • Jonathan Torrens

    Jonathan Torrens

    As  Robert Cheeley
    This year alone, in addition to playing Robert Cheeley on Mr. D., he was the host of Wipeout Canada (TVTropolis),
  • Bette MacDonald

    Bette MacDonald

    As  Trudy Walsh
    Gemini Award winner for her CBC TV performance in the Ha!ifax Comedy Fest, has been making Canadians laugh on TV,
  • Wes Williams

    Wes Williams

    As  Paul Dwyer
    Wes Williams is one of the finest actors in the country, says award-winning, Canadian film director Gail Harvey. An inductee
  • Mark Little

    Mark Little

    As  Simon
    The comedian, actor and writer did improv in Vancouver for five years before moving to Halifax to further his comedy
  • Naomi Snieckus

    Naomi Snieckus

    As  Bobbi
    An actor/writer/improviser/voice-over/director, Naomi is an alumnus of The Second City Toronto where she wrote/performed in five hit shows. She has
  • Suresh John

    Suresh John

    As  Malik
    Suresh John would like to thank the cast and crew of Mr. D for giving him the opportunity to
  • Emma Hunter

    Emma Hunter

    Emma Hunter is an actress, known for Shooting Oliver (2013), Let's Rap (2015) and Alles ist Liebe (2014) and playing Nisha Mr. D
  • Bill Wood

    Bill Wood

    As  Frank
    Bill Wood is an award wining comedian, actor and Magician (Guess which makes him the most money? Hint: there's a rabbit involved).
  • Kathleen Phillips

    Kathleen Phillips

    As  Emma Terdie
    Kathleen Phillips is a writer, actor, comedian and star of the sketch series "Sunnyside"