Hell-icopter Mom: The GIFs

Posted on Mar 30, 2016

When he attempts to reign in a bratty student, Gerry is faced with the wrath of his notoriously overprotective and obnoxious mother. Upon realizing that she has fallen into the role of staff "punching bag," Bobbi attempts to transfer the title onto another staff member. Meanwhile, Ricki sells pencils to Robert and drives a hard bargain.

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It's photo day!

Sure is...

Okay you're done

Pecan smell good?

I don't think she means it


Yes it is, Bobbi

We'll never know...

What's wrong with Cheeley?

Never mind Cheeley...

...what's wrong with Mrs. Wilkes?

"I didn't do it."

Never film the children, Gerry

The rage is bubbling...


How are you, Nisha?

What just happened?


Guys. Pay attention!