Graduation: The GIFs

Posted on Apr 14, 2014

The season finale of Mr. D has been and gone, and we've only got these GIFs to keep us going until next season! That's not entirely true; you can rewatch every episode (ever) online, and very easily too. But we still want you to make good use of these GIFs anyway:

They will make your friends actually laugh out loud!

Isn't that right, Mr. Dwyer?

Mr. Cheeley has some advice for anyone who thinks Jimmy will graduate this year:

You're in for another year with Jimmy, Mr. D.

Do you though, or are you just saying that?

Here's how he really feels:


Simon can not wait to get to the club and start throwing some more shapes...

But Gerry would rather just sit at Barrels with a wine cooler.

Barrels, will Maya still be working there next year? We'll miss you, Maya.

Never hug a student. #Facepalm

Mr. Leung is just delighted that Mr. D will be returning to Xavier next year...

Bow for your people, Maya.

Malik is now going to attempt to turn over Mr. Duncan's flipped car. Easy, right?

Jonathan Torrens, ladies and gentlemen. Acting is all about the eyes:

See you next year?

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