Gerry’s Redemption: The GIFs

Posted on Jan 20, 2016

After losing his Xavier Academy job last season over the unfortunate Coach Keenan saga, Gerry finds himself subbing at a tough inner city school, miserable and desperate to get his old job back. Meanwhile, the Xavier staff is concerned about Robert, whose attempt to cultivate a cool new laid back image is misconstrued for a nervous breakdown due to his having been overlooked as Principal Callaghan’s successor. At the same time, Trudy’s patience is tested when Emma’s husband Ted decides to hang out for the day while his wife works.

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I have lots of little tricks to quiet you down...

They don't care, Gerry

At least one someone's enjoying themselves

Turn me loose...

Welcome, Fun Robert

Mr. Cheeley is considering exposing Fun Robert to the children

Do not do that.



Some advice from the new Robert

Ear to ear

Let me in!

Quite the career change

Would you like to come back to Xavier Academy?

Would you like Gerry to come back to Xavier Academy?