Gerry Coaches Fencing: The GIFs

Posted on Mar 24, 2016

Gerry's been given another coaching assignment, but this time he's helping Ricki prepare for a fencing tournament, and he couldn't be less interested. In an effort to capitalize on Dwyer's recent divorce, Bobbi invites him over for dinner and attempts to seduce him the only way she knows how. Poorly.

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There was a lot of dancing in this week's episode

To the Spice Girls, naturally. 

Amanda Susan is not impressed



Irish... hip-hop?

Now, Lisa will attempt to fence 

We have no idea what this is

Neither does Trudy


And a different kind of ouch...

This isn't Star Wars, Gerry, this is serious. 

En garde!

High five!

And a different kind of gesture...

Cheeley-cam is a go...

Is that pastrami?