Donor Dinner: The GIFs

Posted on Mar 11, 2014

With so many awesome little moments that you want to relive from each episode of Mr. D, what better way to do it than with GIFs? Share these with your friends! 

As if there wasn't enough dancing in last week's episode of Mr. D, Donor Dinner kicked off with even more! 

Is your friend trying to be funny and failing? Let them now you're not impressed: 

Someone avoiding you? Mr. Leung will sort them out:

"She touched my bum!" Awkward.

If you want to call someone a "ray of sunshine", this is how Mr. Cheeley does it. It's special, but hey, it might catch on?

This is Jimmy DeGrazia's happy face: 

This is Mr. Cheeley's disappointed face:

And this is Mr. D's disappointed face, with bonus slow(ish) clap!

This one doesn't need much explanationm. We know you'll be able to use it:

Have you called anyone "radiant", recently? Need to take it back? (It's a niche market, but we like to cater for everyone.)

Requested by Jimmy himself:

This is Lisa's death stare:

"You drove them both home?"

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