Assistant Leung: The GIFs

Posted on Mar 18, 2014

These are the GIFs that keep on giving. After each Mr. D episode, we like to recap the memorable moments with easily shareable GIFs. Check out this week's! 

What on earth could provoke this kind of reaction from one of Mr. D's students?

Well, telling one of your students their grandfather had died may do it. But he hadn't. Moral of the story:

Do you wish there was an easier way to convey using air quotes online? There is now! 

Just in case you didn't catch the name of Cheeley's bird:

And if you want a masterclass in puppy dog eyes: 

You won't fool Gerry though:


But one man who is not perturbed by Mr. D? Mr. Leung. Or, Assistant Leung...

In the end though, he probably should have been:

But who will have the last laugh?

Lord help us all, right Trudy? 

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