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About the Show

Every weekday, host Sheila Coles starts your day with breaking news, issues, and water cooler talk from across Saskatchewan and around the world.

Sheila Coles, Host

Sheila Coles, host of The Morning Edition, was born in England, but the Brits packed her off to the colonies before she reached the ripe old age of three.

She then spent the next twenty years of her life looking for a place that would let her stay. Stops along the way included Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, St. John's, Beijing, Barbados and Jersey (Channel Islands). Saskatchewan said no, but she stayed anyway, agreeing to do her bit to keep the population up (three kids: Lisa, Alison, and Nathan).

Sheila's elementary school report cards all claimed that "Sheila talks too much", her shrewd teachers already on to early indications there would be a career involving the spoken word. Oddly, they did not encourage this clear talent! (Those same report cards said "Sheila has difficulty following directions". Morning Edition producers nod...and sigh.)

Sheila feels she has the best job in journalism and hopes the powers-that-be will continue to let her call Saskatchewan "home". Sheila lives in Regina's Cathedral area with the above-mentioned offspring, her long-suffering husband, and her adorable epileptic Labrador Retriever, Oskar.

Coreen Larson, Producer

Coreen was fascinated with radio production from a very early age.

While most pre-teens in her hometown of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, spent their spare time at the mall buying fluorescent clothing and smoking cigarettes, Coreen produced her own radio programs in her basement. These shows received critical acclaim from her parents and their friends.

Upon completing pre-journalism at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Larson attended the esteemed University of Regina School of Journalism.

An internship on the CBC's Noon Edition in her second-year led her into the hallowed halls of CBC Regina and neither she - nor they - have been the same since.

Abby Schneider, Associate Producer

Even though she ran a successful one-edition newspaper in grade 4, it took Abby a while to find journalism. On her path to CBC, she found herself dabbling in cake decorating, carpentry, working with sea turtles and teaching sports in Uganda. She spent some time in Halifax studying International Development and eating clam chowder. She also lived in Prince Albert studying Media Arts at SIAST and eating beef-on-a-bun. It was a Journalism Degree from the University of Regina that finally led to an internship at the Morning Edition where she found a home for her love of quirky stories and interesting people.

Ted Deller, News

Ted has been interested in broadcasting, it seems, ever since he made his first shoebox-and-paper towel-tube video camera as a farm boy near Shoal Lake, Manitoba.

He found an outlet for that creative energy in his high school years, joining a fledgeling community Cable TV channel in Neepawa in 1980, and getting used to the idea that if you make a mistake on live TV, it's really not a life-ending catastrophe.

After heading off to Brandon University and pursuing a Political science degree, Ted joined the real broadcast world. He spent several years working in both TV and radio at CKX in Brandon, Manitoba, and then made the move to public broadcasting in 1990. He came to CBC Saskatoon to co-anchor the evening TV news, and then moved over to CBC Radio when the TV station closed down. (Ted insists his arrival was not the cause). Ted is the anchor and editor of our morning newscasts, but he's also called upon to fill in as host of The Morning Edition on occasion, and we make good use of his other alpha-geek skills as well!

Ted enjoys fine food, fine wine, and travel. He is particularly interested in commercial aviation - both as a passenger and piloting flight simulators large and small. He spends many of his vacations either hanging out at airports or Airbus factories around the world, and has built a pretty cool A320 cockpit in his spare room!

Scott Regehr, News

Since 1999, Scott Regehr has been a reporter, host and associate producer for CBC Radio and Television in Vancouver, Yellowknife and Whitehorse (where he was born). His career has seen him filing stories from an igloo in the high Arctic while the temperature (including wind chill) dropped to -60 celcius outside; alongside an aircraft suspected of being hijacked on September 11, 2001; and at the end of an 800-kilometre walk along the famous Spanish pilgrimage route, the Camino de Santiago.

Along with travel (Scott's lived and worked in Italy, Japan and Guatemala) sport remains his passion.

He's produced television documentaries for Hockey Day in Canada, hosted CBC TV's coverage of the Arctic Winter Games, and recently hosted CBC Radio's coverage of the 2006 World Cup of Soccer in Germany.

He obtained a BA in History from Brock University before continuing his studies at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Broadcast Journalism. Scott is also the author of the guide books "Canadian Rockies With Kids" and "America's Desertlands With Kids" (PKS Media, 2006).

Scott now lives in Little Italy in Toronto where he writes, plays competitive soccer and baseball, and follows all thats going on in the world of sport.